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5 Scary Wine Faults and What You Should Know

Explanations from our favorite wine fault articles on the web, along with a “How Scary?” description, which aims to break down each “fault” in layman’s terms.

Oak Aged Wine

Like or Dislike Oak Aged Wine? It’s More Complicated Than You Think

For the most part, oak-aged red and white wine is still misunderstood among most consumers. We asked seven winemakers to explain what oak actually imparts to a wine.

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Some Experience Required: Getting a foot in the door in the wine business

Listen to enough interviews with wine professionals and you’ll hear a familiar refrain as they tell their origin stories:

“Well, someone took a chance on me…”
“I was in the right place at the right time…”
“I was grossly underqualified, but for some reason…”

To outsiders, the wine industry can seem full of fortunate people. And that’s partly true…

Rarecat Pro

An Radical Way to Work in Wine

partnership series / by Jennifer Curry  “We are harvesting Grenache and Viognier again this Monday!” exclaims Sharon Kazan Harris of RARECAT Wines, a boutique fine wine producer making wines in Napa, Champagne, and Bordeaux. For many wine professionals and enthusiasts, harvest work is the perfect combination of physical labor, mental stimulation, and therapeutic tangible work; …

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Diggin In

Terroirist’s Debate: A Resource for MW Candidates

Ever heard of “deferred fermentation”? Or met a winemaker who believes native yeast ferments equate to loss of control? Or what impact cold-soaks truly have on wines, especially tannic wines? Well, for any Master of Wine candidates out there, we want to draw your attention to an article co-authored by our very own Editor-in-Cheif, Jonathan Cristaldi, …

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