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54 Whisky Aroma – Master Kit | Le Nez du Vin

SKU: 54 Whisky Aroma - Master Kit


Jean Lenoir’s latest creation was developed in collaboration with Whisky Master Charles MacLean (The Master of Quaich). In this latest addition to the Le Nez Collection, Le Nez du Whisky feature’s 54 of the most commonly found aromas in Whisky. These aromas will help you develop your sense of smell (olfactory memory) and ultimately help you better enjoy whiskey. A MUST have for all Whisky Lovers.
A beautifully illustrated book introducing you the world’s whiskey regions, its crafting process as well as an index of over 1200 whiskies classified by the aroma.

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– 54 Aroma Vials of exceptional quality
– A beautifully illustrated Book – 144 pages – hardcover
– A color whiskey aroma wheel board
– Presented in a luxurious Box Set

Book overview (index):

– Introduction to Le Nez du Whisky
– Sense of smell
– Overview of spirits
– Whisky terminology
– Great single malts
– Whisky-making
– Le Nez du Whisky: classifications of aromas
– How to practice?
– Tasting
– Aroma origins
– Description of aromatic notes
– Whisky and food pairing
– From Aroma to whiskies:
A detailed reference list of whiskies are listed in the book. We favored historic single malts from Scotland and Ireland. Other producing countries are also mentioned so as to illustrate if only partly, the geographical diversity of current productions: American (whiskey and bourbon), Japanese, Canadian, French, Taiwanese, etc.

The 54 Aromas of Le Nez Du Whisky:
Floral:  Blackcurrant Bud, Geramium, Honey, Rose, Herbaceous, Tabacco leaf, Hay, Green grass Fresh Fruits: Pineapple, Cherry, Peach, Pear, Apple Citrus Fruits: Lemon, Mandarin, Orange, Pomelo, Dried Fruits, Dried fig, Walnut, Prune Ligneous: Oak, Resinous, Vinous: Sherry Nuts: Toasted almond, Toasted hazelnut, Coconut Vanilla: Caramel, Chocolate, Custard, Vanilla Spicy: Anise, Cinnamon, Ginger, Herbs, Mint, Nutmeg, Allspice, Black pepper, Liquorice Musty: Earthy, Cereal: Biscuit, Coffee, Toast Malty: Malt Oily: Butter, Leather, Broiled meat, Smoky: Smoke, Peat Medicinal: Seaweed, Seashell, Medicinal Burnt: Rubber, Tar, Sulfur

Made in France. The aromas are guaranteed 5 years. They can last 10 years if kept in good conditions.