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Category: NVWA Interviews

How the Australian Wildfires has Impacted the Wine Industry

It was a tragic event that dominated the international news cycle for months: several wildfires erupted in Australia, burning with unprecedented scope and rapidity from November 2019 to February 2020. Among the regions devastated by the fires was New South Wales, one of Australia’s main winegrowing areas.

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5 Scary Wine Faults and What You Should Know

Explanations from our favorite wine fault articles on the web, along with a “How Scary?” description, which aims to break down each “fault” in layman’s terms.

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Like or Dislike Oak Aged Wine? It’s More Complicated Than You Think

For the most part, oak-aged red and white wine is still misunderstood among most consumers. We asked seven winemakers to explain what oak actually imparts to a wine.

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Student Spotlight: Get to Know Frank Filippini

Frank Filippini is a returning student to Napa Valley Wine Academy from Redwood City, California. He is a Senior Manager for the Americas Search Business Operations at Yahoo where he works to liaise between product, engineering, and sales teams. We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Frank, who has a passion for discovering and discussing wine with those around him. In this installment of our student spotlight, get to know Frank Filippini!

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