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5 Scary Wine Faults and What You Should Know

Explanations from our favorite wine fault articles on the web, along with a “How Scary?” description, which aims to break down each “fault” in layman’s terms.

Oak Aged Wine

Like or Dislike Oak Aged Wine? It’s More Complicated Than You Think

For the most part, oak-aged red and white wine is still misunderstood among most consumers. We asked seven winemakers to explain what oak actually imparts to a wine.

Celebrating a major milestone for three instructors

Napa Valley Wine Academy Celebrates A Major Milestone for Three Instructors This past week, three Napa Valley Wine Academy instructors heard the news that very few wine professionals around the world hear: they had each reached the major milestone of passing both the theory and practical (tasting) portions of their Master of Wine exams. Vanessa …

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