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A Companion to the Master Kit!
Long-anticipated, the New Oak Casks Kit has been in R&D for over a decade, and now it is finally available for sale! The only instrument that will help you identify and memorize the 12 distinctive and most common aromas found in oak cask aged wine!! After two centuries of life, the heart of the oak tree gives soul to the wine and raises it to the ranks of the aristocracy. Every taster should respect this sacrifice. The species, origin, age, drying methods, and level of barrel toast all help to give fine wine its extra special charisma. The New Oak Casks Kit comes with a beautiful 67-page color book with an abundance of illustrations and diagrams. A must-have for all aficionados and winemakers.

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- 12 Aroma Vials

- 1 Illustrated Instructional Manual (67 pages)

- Presented in a Cloth-Bound Book

12 New Oak aromas: oak, greenwood, coconut, clove, vanilla pod, woody-spicy, new leather, medicinal notes, toast, furfural, licorice, smoky note.

Made in France. The aromas are guaranteed 5 years. They can last 10 years if kept in good condition.

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