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Diversity In Wine Scholarship Program with Josh Hart

We are excited to have partnered with Wine Access, in our commitment to making the wine industry a vibrant, forward-thinking, and diverse industry. This of course requires the very best people. That’s why we’re teaming up with NBA star and wine lover Josh Hart to offer 100 scholarships to aspiring wine experts in the BIPOC community, with the goal of discovering tomorrow’s wine industry stars.

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Death Star Incident (Vinous Interruptus)

The lesson Tim Gaiser MS took from the “Death Star Incident” (as it came to be known) was simple: always give someone permission to drink whatever they like to drink.

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5 Scary Wine Faults and What You Should Know

Explanations from our favorite wine fault articles on the web, along with a “How Scary?” description, which aims to break down each “fault” in layman’s terms.

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Like or Dislike Oak Aged Wine? It’s More Complicated Than You Think

For the most part, oak-aged red and white wine is still misunderstood among most consumers. We asked seven winemakers to explain what oak actually imparts to a wine.

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Wine Advice 101 For Those Just Getting into Wine

Here are just a few of the gems in Master Sommelier Tim Gaiser’s newest article. We think it’s one of the best “101” guides for those just getting into wine, packed with sage advice we wish we had been given a long time ago. And although it is geared toward newbies, it’s actually full of wise advice longtime wine industry pros may want to take into consideration.

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Food and Wine Pairing in Less Than 500 Words

The days of Australian wine being synonymous with over-extracted, unbalanced fruit juice are mercifully past us. Yet to a certain extent, and among a certain generation of consumers, the stigma has proven to be frustratingly persistent.
Sure, there are plenty of massively styled reds being produced Down Under, but that’s the case around the world, and to discuss them as if they’re in any way emblematic of an entire country’s—and in this, an entire continent’s!—wine culture is grossly inaccurate.

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Calm Down and Drink Your Claret: Bordeaux’s New Grape Approvals Aren’t All That Radical

For now, Bordeaux lovers can expect fascinating discussions around the newly approved wine grapes, but little actual impact on their favorite beverages. Writer and raconteur Joe Roberts has the scoop. And we have the dish on all things French Wine, so after reading Joe’s article, and you get a little taste of just how much there is to know, we recommend you explore the French Wine Scholar program.

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