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WSET Level 4 Diploma D3 Wines of the World

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Students undertake a detailed theoretical  & practical study of the still wines produced in France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, Canada, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and China. After completion of the course, students will be able to demonstrate:

  • in-depth knowledge and understanding of the influence of grape growing winemaking, maturation, wine law, and wine business on the style, quality, & price on the principal still wines of the world
  • ability to taste and evaluate still wines accurately

Prerequisites: D1 & D2



Course Format

In-Person: 8 full days of intensive classroom instruction (8 hours each day), which is a combination of lecture, tastings (both guided and blind), group discussion, and individual & group activities. These 8 days are spread over 4 weekends in the four months leading up to the exam. Outside of these classroom days students will self-study using the provided course materials and supplemental teaching material provided by NVWA. It is expected that students will have worked extensively with the these materials on their own before coming to class to facilitate deeper discussions and so that the student can make the most of the exam preparatory activities done in-class.

Online: The WSET’s online classroom contains weekly reading assignments, forum discussions, and individual & group activities. The instructor for the course will be the WSET’s own Certified Educator and students will be in a cohort of other Diploma candidates from the NVWA as well as other wine schools across the globe. Student’s may log-in at any time of day & complete their coursework at their own pace for the duration of the course.

Combo: Students will participate in the online course and attend the in-person class sessions in Napa.

Course Duration 

Students will begin their course of study once they register for the unit and receive their course materials. Students should expect to study for a minimum of 250 hours over a period of about 6 months (about 10 – 11 hours of study per week).

Course Materials

Upon registration students will receive access to the WSET’s digital study guide, which will be the main source of study material for this unit. Students will also have access to the WSET’s Online Global Campus and Feedback Testing Classroom where students can access supplemental learning material & mock exams. NVWA also provides supplemental learning materials such as videos, mock questions, and guided reading questions.


D3 Wines of the World is assessed by means of a two-day theory and tasting exam. Exam Day 1 is a 3-hour & 20-minute written exam consisting of multiple-part open-response style questions. Exam Day 2 is a 3-hour blind tasting of 12 wines in which the candidate will write a tasting note describing the structural characteristics of the wine using the WSET Diploma SAT method and draw conclusions on the wine’s origin, grape variety, quality level, and/or potential for ageing. THE EXAM MUST BE TAKEN IN NAPA, CA ON THE EXAM DATES ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR ENROLLED COURSE.

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WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust)

Knowledge Level


Course Format

Combo – In-Person & Online, In-Person, Online Course

Course Date

Feb 1-2; Feb 29 – Mar 1; Mar 28-29; Apr 25-26, 2020 In-Person Classes + Nov 4-Apr 26, 2020 Online Course, Feb 1-2; Feb 29-Mar 1; Mar 28-29; Apr 25-26, 2020, April 27 – October 4, 2020, Jul 11-12; Aug 8-9; Sep 5-6; Oct 3-4 In-Person Classes + Apr 27-Oct 4, 2020 Online Class, Jul 11-12; Aug 8-9; Sep 5-6; Oct 3-4, 2020, November 4, 2019 – April 26, 2020

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