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Wine 101 Foundation Course Online


Learn about wine

A practical introduction to enjoying wine. (includes your online classroom access for 4-weeks and the certificate of completion)

The Wine 101 Foundation Course has been developed by our leading wine industry instructors and is exclusively offered online by Napa Valley Wine Academy. If you want to learn about wine, then look no further than this course, an accessible introduction to the world wine and assumes that you have only very basic or no previous wine knowledge.  With the knowledge gained in this course, you will boost your wine confidence and be able to embark on a deeper exploration of the exciting world of wine.

This online course is designed to give you a good foundation in wine, from the main styles to how it is made and much more!  The course is taught through a series of interactive learning modules that include videos, activities, quizzes, and reading assignments. You will gain insights into the basics of grapes, regions and wine production as well as learn about wine and food pairing techniques.

I just finished the Wine 101 Course. It was a fantastic class and I learned a lot. Thank you so much!

Jad M. Wine 101 Foundation Course graduate

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To obtain the Wine 101 Foundation certificate of completion, you will need to successfully pass the optional 30 multiple-choice question quiz at the end of the course.

Once you have successfully completed the Wine 101 Foundation course you will have gained:Learn About Wine

  • An understanding of the major styles of wine.
  • An understanding of the major grape varieties and styles of wines they produce.
  • An overview of classic wine-producing regions of the world and the styles of wine coming from each.
  • An understanding of the correct way to taste wine including the use of the correct glassware.
  • An understanding of the correct storage and serving temperature of wine.
  • Knowledge on how to best pair wines with food.

The Wine 101 Foundation online course is available for a period of 4-weeks starting from the time you register. It typically takes students 2-3 weeks to complete the course.  The course is divided into the following lessons:

  • An introduction to wine
  • Styles of wine
  • Grape growing
  • The main grape varieties
  • How wine is made
  • The main wine regions of the world
  • Storing and serving wine
  • How to taste wine
  • Food and wine pairing
  • Final quiz

Each of the lessons consists of a series of online activities, based on the topic covered. A quiz at the end of each lesson provides you with the opportunity to gauge your understanding of the material covered in the lesson. Activities are also sprinkled throughout the course to help you better experience the key aspects of wine.

System Requirements: Since this course is delivered 100% online, you will require access to a computer with the following minimum requirements:

  • Firefox 9, Chrome 10 or equivalent with Javascript enabled. MS Internet Explorer is NOT supported.
  • Adobe Reader XI or equivalent. Adobe Flash Player 11.
  • Internet access (broadband recommended)


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