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Wine & Literature

Drinking wine is like reading a good book. We sip and savor to discover a wine’s story, drown in the dialogue between terroir and grape, befriend the character of the winemaker. Here are 10 lines from famous texts that pertain to wine; and speak to the time and place in which the words were written.

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Diversity In Wine Scholarship Program with Josh Hart

We are excited to have partnered with Wine Access, in our commitment to making the wine industry a vibrant, forward-thinking, and diverse industry. This of course requires the very best people. That’s why we’re teaming up with NBA star and wine lover Josh Hart to offer 100 scholarships to aspiring wine experts in the BIPOC community, with the goal of discovering tomorrow’s wine industry stars.

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How the Australian Wildfires has Impacted the Wine Industry

It was a tragic event that dominated the international news cycle for months: several wildfires erupted in Australia, burning with unprecedented scope and rapidity from November 2019 to February 2020. Among the regions devastated by the fires was New South Wales, one of Australia’s main winegrowing areas.

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