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How to Choose Wine Like A Pro


Join DipWSET and Master of Wine Candidate, Monika Beilka-Vescovi as she gives you the knowledge you seek in order to feel completely confident choosing the right wine for the right occasion. Never be intimidated at a wine shop again!

Average Time to Completion: 1-2 hours

Course Access: 12 months of access to the course

Course Format: Online with narrated lectures, video demonstration, and review quiz

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Average Time to Completion: 1-2 hours

Course Access: 12 months of access to the course

Course Format: Online with narrated lectures, video demonstration, and review quiz

Course curriculum
Lesson 1: What to Consider When Choosing a Wine

  • Course Welcome
  • Considerations in Choosing Wine

Lesson 2: Sparkling Wines

  • Choosing a Sparkling Wine
  • Sparkling Wine By Occasion
  • Sparkling Wines By Preference
  • Sparkling Wines By Budget

Lesson 3: White Wines

  • Choosing a White Wine
  • White Wines By Preference
  • White Wines By Occasion
  • White Wines By Budget

Lesson 4: Rosé Wines

  • Choosing a Rosé Wine
  • Rosé Wine By Preference
  • Rosé Wines By Occasion
  • Rosé Wine By Budget

Lesson 5: Red Wines

  • Choosing a Red Wine
  • Red Wines By Preference
  • Red Wines By Occasion
  • Red Wines By Budget

Lesson 6: Fortified Wines

  • Choosing a Fortified Wine
  • Fortified Wines By Preference
  • Fortified Wines By Occasion
  • Fortified Wines By Budget


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Course Format

Online Course

Knowledge Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced



Career Path

Journalist, Chef, Retail Wine Sales, Sommelier, Winery Hospitality

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