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With Georgian wine, it is one of, if not the most ancient wines made in the world. For 8,000 years this small country has continually produced wine within their borders making for a fascinating crossroads of viticulture. A storied past, including being one of the republics of the USSR, this band of green valleys and mighty rivers on the Black Sea is finally getting recognition for its unique and wonderful wines.

With their own native grapes including Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Chinuri, Aladasturi, Krakhuna, Kisi, and over 400 more, they make wines both in the ‘international method’ of barrel and tank aging as well as the ancient method of terracotta pots that they call kvevri.

This comprehensive guide provides detailed profiles of wine producers, along with GPS coordinates, full-colour photos and informative maps. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a newcomer, this first edition is an absolute must-have, offering an immersive experience into the world of Georgian wine.

Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Georgian Wine: Insights from Miquel Hudin's 'Georgia'

The world of wine is vast and diverse, with each region offering its unique flavors and stories. Among these, Georgian wines hold a special place, steeped in history and tradition. Miquel Hudin's book, "Georgia," offers an insightful journey into this rich tapestry of wine culture. In this article, we delve into the heart of Georgian wine, exploring its history, varieties, and the profound quotes from Hudin's work that capture the essence of this ancient wine culture.

The Historical Roots of Georgian Wine

Georgia's winemaking history is one of the oldest in the world, dating back over 8,000 years. This deep-rooted tradition is more than just a process; it's a cultural heritage that has been passed down through generations. Hudin's book highlights how this ancient practice has survived and thrived, making Georgian wine a true testament to the resilience and passion of its people. The traditional qvevri method, where wine is fermented in large clay vessels buried underground, is a unique aspect of this heritage, emphasizing the natural and organic approach to Georgian winemaking.

Georgian Wine Varieties: A Symphony of Flavors

Georgia is home to over 500 grape varieties, many of which are indigenous and not found anywhere else in the world. Hudin's exploration of these varieties reveals a spectrum of flavors that are as diverse as Georgia's landscapes. From the robust and tannic Saperavi to the delicate and aromatic Rkatsiteli, each variety offers a unique taste profile. Hudin's descriptions of these wines are poetic, reflecting the rich flavors and aromas that make Georgian wines so distinctive.

The Art of Georgian Winemaking: A Craft Passed Down Through Millennia

Georgian winemaking is an art form, meticulously crafted and honed over thousands of years. Hudin's book provides fascinating insights into the traditional techniques that define this art. The use of qvevri, the importance of organic farming, and the role of natural yeast in fermentation are just some aspects that highlight the natural and artisanal approach of Georgian winemaking. This dedication to tradition is a key factor in the unique character and quality of Georgian wines.

The Cultural Significance of Wine in Georgia

Wine is more than just a beverage in Georgia; it's a symbol of hospitality, friendship, and the country's rich cultural heritage. Hudin's quotes beautifully capture the essence of Georgian wine as a central element in celebrations, religious ceremonies, and everyday life. This deep cultural significance is a testament to the integral role wine plays in Georgian society, uniting people and preserving their history and traditions.

Pairing Georgian Wines: A Culinary Adventure

Georgian cuisine, with its array of flavors and spices, pairs wonderfully with the country's wines. Hudin's book provides insights into the perfect pairings, enhancing the dining experience. Whether it's a hearty Khachapuri or a delicate walnut and eggplant dish, there's a Georgian wine to complement every meal. These pairings are not just about taste; they are about experiencing the harmony between food and wine that is deeply rooted in Georgian culture.

The Global Appeal of Georgian Wine

In recent years, Georgian wine has gained international recognition, with sommeliers and wine enthusiasts around the world embracing its unique qualities. Hudin's work plays a crucial role in this growing appreciation, introducing the world to the hidden gems of Georgian winemaking. The distinctive flavors, natural production methods, and rich history make Georgian wines a must-try for any wine lover.


Georgian wine is a journey through time, a reflection of a culture that has revered the art of winemaking for millennia. Miquel Hudin's "Georgia" is more than just a book; it's a gateway to understanding and appreciating this rich heritage. Through his insightful quotes and detailed exploration, Hudin brings to life the soul of Georgian wine, inviting us to explore and savor its many wonders.


Miquel Hudin is a writer originally from California and based in Catalunya, Spain. His wine career started in the Napa Valley and led to the founding of the Vinologue series of wine books with its latest title being for the Republic of Georgia.

He’s a regular contributor to the World of Fine Wine, Decanter, Wine & Spirits, and many other magazines, as well as the publisher of the independent, award-winning site, which focuses on the exciting wines of Spain as well as Southern France, and the Balkans.

He received the Wine & Innovation Award 2020 from Millesima and was named Best Drink Writer of 2017 by the Fortnum & Mason Awards as well as being the recipient of the 2016 Geoffrey Roberts Award.

Daria Kholodilina was born in Ukraine, lived in Germany, and is now settled in Republic of Georgia. She writes about Tbilisi and Georgia and is constantly exploring and sharing the culture, trails and wines of the Caucasus area at @darikomogzauri.

She played an active role in developing the Georgian National Tourism Strategy for 2015-2025, focusing mostly on marketing and promotion. She’s also an active speaker on Georgian wine and the development of enotourism in the region.



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