Chateau Musar


Chateau Musar’s story is one of war, hardship, and utter determination in the face of chaos and destruction. Serge Hochar, the heroic Lebanese winemaker who stood by his wines through the 15 years of civil war (1975–1990) dodging shells and road-blocks to get his precious grapes to safety, knew that his wines were among the brightest stars in the world wine firmament. Today we look at the uniquely complex (and often miraculous) wines he created and begin to understand how and why Serge worked in the way he did. Only now, in a new era of ‘Natural Wines’ do we fully appreciate what he was trying to achieve…

Our new book celebrates Chateau Musar – its history, its terroir, the philosophy of its winemaker, and the legacy that the Hochar family (Ronald, Gaston, Marc and Ralph) continue today – alongside its remarkable catalogue of vintages and stunning new releases from the winery in 2020.

Musar has attracted a loyal fan base around the world since Michael Broadbent first ‘discovered’ the wine in 1979. Today, vintage collectors, food lovers, A-list sommeliers, and the many of us who look for a wine with something distinctively different to say, are drawn to its unique character and fashionably ‘hands-off’ approach to viticulture and winemaking. Our new title charts Musar’s journey from Lebanese rising star to global taste sensation.

Find out more…

  • Delve into the multi-millennia Lebanese wine tradition
  • The story of a much loved icon: Chateau Musar’s red and white wines have gained a worldwide cult following since their ‘discovery’ by Michael Broadbent in 1979
  • A year-by-year breakdown of how Musar survived the Lebanese Civil War (1975–1990)
  • Vintage notes – charting the journey of these remarkable wines from 1951 right up to the winery’s latest release – from Jancis Robinson MW, Michael Broadbent, Steven Spurrier, and Bartholomew Broadbent
  • How these wines came to be: from the limestone terroir of the Beka’a Valley to the Mediterranean splendour of winery at Ghazir
  • Musar’s place at the birthplace of viticulture – charting Lebanon’s 8,000-year wine history
  • Featuring an intimate portrait of Serge Hochar – wine lover, philosopher and survivor – by best selling US author Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Stunning photography by Lucy Pope
  • Taking on the World: how Musar found fame in the UK, the US and in Asia
  • Tributes to Serge from our favorite wine commentators
  • Wise words from Serge: a list of classic ‘Serge-isms’.

The perfect read for those who want to learn more about this incredible wine and delve into the multi-millennia-tradition of Lebanese wine.

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