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Some Experience Required: Getting a foot in the door in the wine business

Listen to enough interviews with wine professionals and you’ll hear a familiar refrain as they tell their origin stories:

“Well, someone took a chance on me…”
“I was in the right place at the right time…”
“I was grossly underqualified, but for some reason…”

To outsiders, the wine industry can seem full of fortunate people. And that’s partly true…

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Napa Valley Wine Academy Student Awarded Prestigious WSET Level 2 Prize

Each year, three students from the UK, USA, and Australia who achieve outstanding results in their WSET Level 2 exam become eligible to receive funds courtesy of The Laithwaite’s Prizes to study a wine or spirit-producing region of their choice.

We are proud to introduce Jonathan Houston, a student of Napa Valley Wine Academy, who was selected as a nominee for the prize and asked to submit an essay. Houston was chosen as one of three final award winners.

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Statistically speaking, if a student fails the WSET Level 3 exam it’s because they failed the theory section, specifically, because they failed the short-answer questions.

How does this happen? Most often it’s because students didn’t answer the question completely, missing valuable points.

The method described below provides an easy-to-follow set of actions to take to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

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