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Ocotber 18, 2022 6-7 PM

BLENDING with Csilla Kato, DipWSET and winemaker at Davies Vineyards

Blending wines is an age-old winemaking technique that allows vintners to fine-tune aromas and flavors in order to create multifaceted wines, where the sum brings more than the individual lots. The compilation of different grape varieties, vintages, and appellations give wine drinkers an unparalleled world of complexity. Learn how it’s done, why it’s so essential in the winemaking process, explore classic examples, and even gain experience blending your own wine!
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November 15, 2022 6-7 PM

ACIDITY VS. SWEETNESS with Monika Bielka-Vescovi, DipWSET

The balance of sweetness and acidity leads to the creation of some of the most outstanding wines of the world. Study how to recognize sweetness and acidity levels in wines while tasting classic wine styles, and practice your ability to differentiate between growing sweetness levels in wine with the guidance of an educator.
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December 6, 6-7 PM

FLOR AGED WINES with Monika Bielka-Vescovi, DipWSET

Flor, or voile, is a film of yeasts that alters the flavor of the wine, adding complexity to its character. In this class we’ll study the science behind this centuries-old technique (and its fashionable comeback.) We’ll then taste classic wines aged under flor, including Fino Sherry from Spain, Vin Jaune from Jura, and Szamorodni of Hungary’s Tokaj region.
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