Wine Quiz - Wine Aromas

Discovering the Essence of Wine: A Journey Through Wine Aromas and the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting Method

The Napa Valley Wine Academy, acclaimed for its expertise in wine education, excels in teaching the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting®, with a special emphasis on understanding and identifying wine aromas. This educational journey enables students to develop a deep and nuanced appreciation of wine scents, a critical aspect of wine tasting.

Emphasis on Wine Aromas in Tasting Education

The academy’s courses are particularly focused on the intricate world of wine aromas. Students learn to distinguish between the myriad of scents that can be found in a glass of wine, from the primary fruit, floral, and herbal notes to the more complex secondary and tertiary aromas that develop through fermentation and aging.

Guided Tastings by Aroma Experts

Under the guidance of seasoned instructors, who are experts in olfactory senses, students are taken on a sensory exploration of wine aromas. These guided tastings are instrumental in helping students recognize and articulate the different aromas, enhancing their sensory evaluation skills.

Diverse Aromatic Wine Selection

In line with its focus on aromas, the academy offers tastings of a diverse selection of wines, each chosen for its distinctive aromatic profile. This variety exposes students to a broad spectrum of scents, from the bright citrus and tropical fruit aromas of young whites to the complex, earthy, and spicy notes of aged reds.

Interactive Aroma Workshops

The Napa Valley Wine Academy integrates interactive aroma workshops into its curriculum. These workshops are designed to sharpen students’ olfactory abilities, training them to identify and remember a wide array of wine aromas, which is essential for mastering the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting®.

Theory Behind Aroma Development

Beyond practical tastings, the academy delves into the science behind aroma development in wines. Understanding how aromas evolve from grape to glass, influenced by factors like grape variety, terroir, and winemaking techniques, gives students a comprehensive insight into the origin of wine aromas.

Tailored Feedback on Aroma Identification

Personalized feedback is a hallmark of the academy’s teaching method, particularly in aroma identification. Instructors provide tailored advice on how to improve olfactory recognition and description, enhancing students’ ability to discern and appreciate the complex world of wine aromas.

Preparing for Advanced Aroma Analysis in WSET Exams

For students aiming for WSET qualifications, the academy’s focus on aromas is integral to their success, especially in the tasting component of the exams. The rigorous training in aroma identification equips students with the skills to excel in detailed aroma analysis, a critical part of WSET examinations.

At the Napa Valley Wine Academy, the exploration of wine aromas through the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting® is not just a learning experience; it’s a journey into the heart of what makes each wine unique and memorable.


Cancellations of confirmed in-person course enrollments and workshops are accepted up to 60 days before the start of the course. An administration fee of $50 plus the full cost of the study materials and exam fees will be deducted, and the remainder of the course fee refunded to the payee. Separate WSET exam cancellation/transfer rules apply.
Transfers of a confirmed enrollment to another course are accepted 60 days before the course start date with an administration fee of $50.

Cancellations less than 60 days before the in-person course start date or course no shows forfeit any refund/transfer options unless students can provide medical documentation. If medical documentation is provided, students can be transferred to a later course. No refunds will be applied.

Course Transfers cannot be carried forward to the next academic year (which commenced on January 1).

Students are highly encouraged to purchase separate travel insurance.

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