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WSET Level 3 Award in Saké – Napa, California


November 2-3, 2017 in Napa

Two-day course, 9 am to 5 pm each day

Saké is a fascinating and diverse beverage category that is as interesting and complex to study as any wine or spirit and will enhance one’s knowledge of the world of alcoholic beverages available to consumers.  Students will learn about the various production methods and their impacts on style, quality and price. Students will also taste a wide range of saké styles to reinforce their learning, build their tasting skills and ability to assess saké. This course combines classroom and online study. What level of knowledge will I need to start this course? There is no prior learning in the subject required to enter the program, however, students will be required to complete a monitored online study program, which will begin two weeks before attending the classroom-based element of the course. All the study materials for this course are available online.

Course hour: Daily 9 AM Start 4:30 PM End


Toshio Ueno 酒匠 Master of Saké, SSI 日本酒学講師 Certified Saké Educator, SSI WSET Certified Saké Educator, Certified Master Saké & Shochu Sommelier, Jizake Educator. Born in Japan where his family has cultivated the Japanese wine grape Koshu for generations, Toshio grew up helping the business from a young age. Following his college education in the U.S. and employment at an international trading company in Tokyo, Toshio joined Chateraise, a pastry, and wine company as Director of Sales. There, he was put in charge of overseeing the personal wine collection of the company’s president, which intrigued him to enter the world of wine stewardship and research. Toshio joined Mutual Trading Company in 2002, where he currently holds the position of Manager.


  1. Saké Tasting Technique and Production
  2. Rice Options
  3. Water Options and Koji Options
  4. Yeast Options and Shubo Options
  5. Moromi Options and Pressing
  6. Finishing Options and Storage
  7. Speciality Saké Categories and Global Saké Industry
  8. Sake Outside Japan & Saké and Japanese Food Pairing

EXAM format: The WSET Level 3 in Saké examination is in two parts: first, a blind tasting of two (2) sakés and second, a written theory examination. Both parts require a passing grade to be awarded the Level 3 Award in Saké. The examination duration is 2 hours and 15 minutes. The Level 3 Saké course includes a complete study pack with an exclusive textbook and study workbook. Cost: $995 Includes: online study materials, samples, saké and food pairing, tuition and examination.

Location: Napa Valley Wine Academy 2501 Oak Street, Napa CA 94559



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