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Foundation Wine Courses


Foundation Wine Courses

what is wineOur foundation classes are perfect for anyone who desires to start learning about wine. We foster an air of fun and creativity, encouraging of discussions of topics that interest you. Beginning a journey into wine education means beginning a journey away from being intimidated by wine. When you learn about wine, you also learn to identify people who complicate it and make it less fun. Wine is exciting–it brings people together, it elevates the mood, it compliments a meal and it constitutes a way of living.

We invite you to begin that journey with us through these classes, which also provide a fun and casual opportunity to get to know our instructors. During each workshop, we will guide you through tastings of 6-8 wines, highlighting key takeaways through spirited conversation. And who knows: this could be the start of a new career, a second career, or the continuation of a lifelong discovery of all that is wine–from the grapes to your glass.

All of our courses are taught by one of our world-class instructors.

Discover the following regions through our Seven Glasses Series™

We invite you to begin a journey of discovery with us to better understand the wines of some of the worlds most famous regions. Sip-by-sip your journey will unfold in each glass you taste.


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Bordeaux in 7 Glasses™

An introduction to the main wine styles of Bordeaux, a famous and diverse region in the southwest of France.

Burgundy in 7 Glasses™

An introduction to the main wine styles of Burgundy, a famous and diverse region in east-central    France.

Tuscany in 7 Glasses™

An introduction to the main wine styles of Tuscany, a famous and  diverse region in central Italy.

Piedmont 7 glasses 150x150Southern Italy 7 glasses 150x150Fontodi 0016
Piedmont in 7 Glasses™

This class will help you  unravel the mysteries of one of Italy’s most revered wine regions.

Southern Italy in 7 Glasses™

An introduction to the main wine styles of southern Italy, a diverse and beautiful region in the south of Italy.

Italian Luxury Wines in 7 Glasses™

 This class will explore some of the best luxury wines Italy has to offer. A tasting not to be missed!

Napa Valley Wine 101 | “Know Before You Go!”

RiedelBefore hitting the tasting rooms, join us in our downtown Napa HQ for a fun, interactive 2-hour class (more like a serious warm-up for the real deal tasting) that will boost your confidence and wine knowledge by tasting Napa Valley wines while going over the basics of how wine is made. You’ll also get to take part in an aroma challenge aimed at helping you learn how to identify key Napa grape varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc) without being told what’s in your glass. We’ll also dig into the basics of food and wine pairings.

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