Wine Education Instructor

Napa Valley Wine Academy

Does this sound like you?

  • You are as passionate about teaching as you are about wine
  • You want to be part of a supportive, fast-moving team
  • You are committed to delivering an amazing student experience

We are always looking to add A-list instructors to our roster. If you are certified as WSET Level 3 or Level 4 (Diploma), we may have a remote or in-person position for you!

Wine Education Instructor 

About Napa Valley Wine Academy

We believe anyone can become a confident wine authority with the right support and instruction. Our success as America’s Premier Wine School is driven by our passionate, engaging, and dedicated instructors. 

If you want to be part of a team committed to delivering the highest quality wine and spirits education, we want to hear from you. 

The Opportunity 

As we continue to grow, we continually look to add A-list instructors to our roster. As a core of our business, we are looking for WSET-credentialed individuals who hold the WSET Level 3 or Level 4 (Diploma) certifications. 

In addition to holding these specific WSET credentials, we look for the following key characteristics:

passion for education. There is nothing like witnessing a students’ understanding as you explain a concept, or hearing their deep appreciation for your engaging explanations. Our instructors love education as much as they appreciate wine.

passion for wine. To engage with our wine students, you should share a passion for the beverage and be continually curious about the product itself.

understanding of pedagogy It’s important to understand the ways in which an adult student learns best to help them succeed.

engaging teaching style. Effective wine education is more than just delivering facts. We want them to understand concepts and test their knowledge along the way. 

critical reflection.  Our instructors are not afraid to constantly reflect upon their own delivery, solicit feedback, and always be curious about education and pedagogy.

care for the student experience. Our educators should always be curious about their relatability, and to check in with students about the impact of a teaching modality or teaching style.

We train instructors to our standards. These roles are remote and online, and may require a combination of daytime, evening and weekend teaching.

Setting the Stage for Success

You will set the bar high for our students, working as a key player in the education department to provide best practices in delivering engaging wine and spirits education. In this position, you will be working with a group of individuals who are not afraid to be innovative. Bring your ideas and concepts, and make them come alive in the classroom or online course. We expect you to constantly tweak and improve instruction delivery for the benefit of the students, all while keeping a watchful eye on class timing and required content delivery for each certification course.

Knowledge & Organization is Key

Additionally, you will use your keen palate, knowledge of regions and styles, as well as any wine industry experience, to help deliver confident and instructional wine tasting direction. 

Your Expertise

    • Hold the WSET Level 3 or Diploma in Wine (Spirits and Sake are a plus)
    • 2+ years experience instructing high-level wine education courses 
    • Client-focused, with excellent communication skills, sensitive to cultural differences
    • Well-organized with meticulous attention to detail
    • A sound organizer who anticipates technical or other issues
    • Enthusiastic, motivated and organized, robust and resilient under pressure
    • Ability to work with maximum efficiency with remote supervision
    • Strong MS Windows or Mac OS, MS Office skills (PowerPoint skills particularly required)

Who you are

  • You are excited about making your mark in wine education; setting a high precedent in the industry for excellent education
  • You care about people’s dreams and goals and want to help them attain them
  • You care about delivering an amazing experience for each and every student
  • You are at ease speaking in front of a large group
  • You have a friendly, easy-going personality but with a “get it done” edge
  • You are constantly learning, and constantly looking for ways to improve how you teach
  • You have the ability to prioritize and anticipate needs; requires a high degree of judgment
  • You thrive on feedback and learning how you can improve
  • You feel that humor is an important part of a professional environment
  • You are able to capture information quickly and on the fly
  • You love wine and the wonder that comes with it

Warning: Napa Valley Wine Academy isn’t for everyone. We are a fiercely entrepreneurial team of fast-moving wine lovers who love to innovate and test the boundaries of what has been done before.  You will push yourself, make your mark, and engage with your teammates in an open, honest, and respectful way – even when it’s uncomfortable. As with everyone on our team, you will celebrate (and fix) your mistakes, work hard as a valued member of the team, and continually look for ways to improve—Every. Single. Day.

This position is probably not for you if you:

  • Do not hold either the WSET Level 3 or Level 4 Diploma
  • Have not taught wine education previously
  • are uncomfortable with public speaking
  • Cannot work weekends or evenings
  • Believe a student’s success is realistically/fundamentally out of your control
  • Like to gossip and thrive on drama 
  • Tend to leave projects half-finished or get easily distracted by other ideas
  • Freeze when a problem arises
  • are uncomfortable celebrating and sharing mistakes
  • Do not like change (we are a fast-moving, growing company and things will absolutely change – even from one week to the next)
  • Do not like tech and learning new programs or educational platforms
  • Do not have a passion for wine

Why This Job Is Important:

  1. We are innovating the wine education arena, and making an impact in our students’ lives. You are on the front lines with students and crucial to making this happen. 

  2. We know how important this role is to the company, its health, and growth: you will be a highly valued member of our small but fiercely passionate and innovative team

  3. Delivering a great student experience is foundational to our continued mission to put the student at the center of wine education and our long-term growth, and you play a critical part in delivering these experiences

  4. Our role as America’s premier wine school is an important part of the industry’s growth and health. When we elevate our students, we elevate the standards of the industry as a whole.

Please note:

We collect resumes and cover letters on a continual basis, but only reply to candidates who hold the required WSET credentials when a position is open. We apologize that we cannot personally respond to every submission at this time, but we assure you that we keep all resumes on file for periodic review. 

To apply for this job please visit

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