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Enthusiast Wine Courses

A Deeper Dive

Enthusiast Wine Courses

Our enthusiast courses are the perfect way for any student of wine eager to dive deeper into a specific area of study. SommDaySchoolThese courses are designed to provide a keener understanding of some of the nuances to be discovered by exploring key regions, key varieties and styles as they relate to different viticultural and winemaking practices around the world. During each enthusiast workshop, our world-class instructors will guide you through tastings of 6-8 wines, highlighting key takeaways and more in-depth analysis through spirited conversation. We hope you’ll walk away with a new and expansive shopping list of wines that appeal to your palate and are welcome in your cellar.

 Discover new perspectives through our World of Terroir Series™

We invite you to dive deeper into the wine world to gain a deeper understand of the nuances of terroir, styles, and wines of the world.

Bordeaux-wine-classChablis 26224Corison Vineyards
World of Terroir Series™

This 3 hour class takes an in-depth look at the regions history, geography, climate and the wines.

World of Terroir Series™
Pinot Noir

A class dedicated to the diverse range and styles of Pinot Noir from terroirs from around the globe.

World of Terroir Series™
Cabernet Sauvignon

 A class dedicated to the diverse range and styles of Cabernet Sauvignon from terroirs from around the globe.


World of Terroir Series™
Unusual Suspects – Grapes That Will Astound

Time to discover the plethora of incredibly dynamic, thought-provoking, ephemeral, palate-pleasing wines out there produced from grapes you may have never heard of?

Bordeaux vs. Napa – a battle of the 20 year olds

The rivalry of these two regions is palpable so its time to let the vintage of 1995 determine which region ages more gracefully.




Napa Valley Wine Academy

Course location Napa Valley Wine Academy – 2501 Oak Street, Napa CA 94559

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