The Capsule is Part of the Culture of Wine

When it comes to packaging your wine, every little detail counts. Paying attention to packaging is a way for a brand to stand out, and with tin capsules it is the first thing the consumer touches when he or she goes to open a bottle. Thanks to its noble material, Pure Tin® Capsules give the best appearance and tactile perception of quality. Each capsule is made from a single piece of pure tin that luxuriously wraps around any size opening without seams or untidy waves. Removing a tin capsule is a ceremony in itself.

As Master Sommelier Tim Gaiser explains, tin capsules are “yet one more thing that brands the wine capsules; that assures the consumer that what they are getting is authentic. The tin capsule to me is just the top! It’s either the first or the very last thing they look at and tin, to me, means quality.”

The Pure Tin® Label are a premium quality product, produced in a highly specialized, artisan manner. They are produced by a few internationally renowned manufacturers for producers of wines and spirits around the world at the very top of the market.

The label not only guarantees an ethical origin of tin, with the commitment of environmental, health, safety and labor practices and conflict-free sourcing, but also, the quality of the material (more than 99.9% pure tin) symbolizes an ultimate refinement. It showcases an attention to detail, a love of beauty and the high standard of excellence that completes the winemakers’ work with a finishing touch of authenticity and crowning perfection.

In the words of Master Sommelier Gilles de Chambure, “I love the way you can individualize the wine. It’s one other way to create an image; identify your brand, tell the story of your wine.”

And in today’s age, telling the best story always puts your brand ahead of the competition.

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