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WSET Online Wine Classes

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WSET Online Wine & Spirits Classes

Napa Valley Wine Academy offers both the WSET® Level 2 (Intermediate) and WSET® Level 3 (Advanced) Courses in an online classroom setting. The Napa Valley Wine Academy offers an online distance learning option for the wine enthusiast who wishes to study for pleasure and for those who wish to gain a WSET qualification but find that it is difficult to attend regular classes at our school in Napa. Students register through Napa Valley Wine Academy, take classes in an online global classroom under the watchful eye of a WSET® tutor, and then sit their exam(s) at our center in Napa. Please note that examinations for the qualification courses are only available at the Napa Valley Wine Academy in Napa, California with limited additional dates in Tampa FL, Columbus OH, Denver CO, and Santa Barbara CA.

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 The WSET® Level 2 (Intermediate) Online Course includes five interactive classes over a 5-week period The WSET® Level 3 (Advanced) Online Course includes eight interactive classes over a 16-week period.

The courses are structured, interactive learning programs, but offer the freedom of flexible scheduling. Students log-in whenever it is convenient (at least once a week or every two weeks, depending on the course), review the summary of weekly or biweekly topics, study, complete activities and tasting exercises, post responses and participate in online class discussion.

Upon registration, students receive course materials from Napa Valley Wine Academy by FedEx and an e-mail from WSET® with log-in instructions for the online classroom. The online classroom site includes a course calendar of topics covered each week, the required background reading, activities for each topic, tasting assignments (students must purchase their own wine) and quizzes. The activities and tasting assignments require students to post responses. Students may view classmates’ responses and the exchange with the instructor only if they themselves post a response; interaction is critical to success in this course.




We both enjoyed the course and have not stopped raving about it. The instructor was terrific. Leslie F.

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