WSET Level 4 Diploma Transfer

Transfer your WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines & Spirits studies to Napa Valley Wine Academy

Why transfer to the Napa Valley Wine Academy for WSET Diploma*

*The WSET expects you to complete the Level 4 Diploma with the provider you originally enroll with, however, If you move to another provider’s area you may switch to that provider. If the provider you are enrolled with is not offering a unit or unit exam that you need it is ok to take it with another provider.

ENGAGEMENT starts the day you register

  • We augment your online or in-class learning with engaging, expert-led webinars and active study forums for a more interactive and engaging study program.
  • Our Diploma instructors include a list of ‘who’s who’ in the industry, including six (6) Masters of Wine, and highly respected experts in their fields of study.
  • We communicate with you regularly; providing guidance, reminders, and study support.
  • We have a dedicated Diploma Coordinator, Exam Officer, and Nominated Educator to help you through your Diploma journey.
  • We have created a well-paced schedule to allow study time for individual units.

For students transferring into our in-class sessions, these classes primarily take place on weekends in an intensive format.

The in-class sessions are carefully scheduled to allow time for personal study at home and feature:

  • Industry expert-led lectures
  • guided workshop exercises for theory and essay prep
  • guided and strategic tastings
  • focused study and exam practice
Live webinars offer numerous additional opportunities including:
  • Additional theory instruction
  • Deep dives on difficult concepts or subjects
  • Exam Strategy
  • Paper and Essay Writing Strategy

Live webinar sessions are in addition to the recommended schedule of teaching hours and provide the student with additional opportunities to interact with industry experts. There is no additional fee for these webinars; they are automatically included with your registration.

WSET Feedback Tests

Passing the Level 4: To encourage successful exam preparation, included in your tuition is automatic enrollment in the WSET’s Diploma Feedback Tests. These Feedback Tests are a series of mock papers that are graded by WSET Educators. This valuable feedback will enable you to better prepare for the exams.

Educational Field Trips are optional, additional expert-led study sessions to wineries and vineyards in Napa Valley. These sessions bring a greater level of understanding to certain topics such as vine training and pruning; wine filtration; etc.  Registered students will be informed of dates and fees for these add-on learning experiences.

Online Study Addendum will include:

Diploma SAT Tasting Technique taped webinars (still wines, sparkling wines, fortified wines, spirits)


Students may request to transfer into the Units listed below.

In-Person Program Dates

Unit 2 Exam

January 18, 2018

Unit 5 Course

January 18, 2018; February 3, 2018

Unit 5 Exam

March 6, 2018

Unit 1 Course

March 6, 2018

Unit 1 Exam

June 12, 2018

Unit 6 Course

March 7, 2018

Unit 6 Exam

June 12, 2018

Unit 4 Course

August 11-12, 2018

Unit 4 Exam

November 7, 2018

Unit 3 Course

January 17-20, 2019; February 21-24, 2019

Unit 3 Exam

June 8, 2019


Monthly webinars also scheduled, in addition to in-person class dates.

Online Program Dates

Unit 2 Course

March 31, 2018 – June 8, 2018

Unit 2 Exam

June 16, 2018

Unit 1 Course

June 23, 2018 – August 10, 2018

Unit 1 Case Study Exam

November 7, 2018

Unit 5 Course

August 18, 2018 – September 21, 2018

Unit 5 Exam

November 7, 2018

Unit 6 Course

January 5, 2019 – February 8, 2019

Unit 6 Exam

March 12, 2019

Unit 4 Course

April 5, 2019 – May 24, 2019

Unit 4 Exam

June 12, 2019

Unit 3 Course

June 22, 2019 – December 27, 2019

Unit 3 Exam

January 7, 2020


* You have the option of submitting your Unit 1 Coursework Assignment paper in either April or September of each year. There are different writing prompts for each due date.

**Please note that 2019 dates have not been set by the WSET yet, so the 2019 dates you see here may change slightly. The dates we have listed mirror the dates for that unit’s 2018 dates. The 2019 dates will be set in early 2018.

For more details on the current cohort of the online program, please see our Online Diploma webpage.

Our Top Industry Faculty:

We are proud to have a roster of top wine industry faculty made up Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers, Winemakers,  MW candidates (WSET Diploma holders), and other leading global wine industry experts. We believe that your success as a student rests on the quality of our instructors.

Master of Wine Instructors:

  • Christy Canterbury, MW
  • Nova Cadamatre, MW
  • Matt Deller, MW
  • Peter Marks, MW
  • Mary Margaret McCamic, MW

Master Sommelier Instructors:

  • Tim Gaiser, MS

Wine Industry Faculty:

  • Gence Alton, dipWSET
  • Brenda Audino, dipWSET
  • Geralyn Brostrom, Italian Wine Central Co-Founder
  • Catherine Bugué, dipWSET
  • Vanessa Conlin, dipWSET, MW candidate
  • Csilla Kato dipWSET, Winemaker
  • Curtis Mann, dipWSET MW candidate
  • Christian Oggenfuss, dipWSET
  • Kryss Speegle, dipWSET, Winemaker MW candidate
  • Gus Zhu, dipWSET, MW candidate


Based on the Units that students need to complete at the time of transfer, the tuition will be prorated based on the following price list:

In-Person Program Dates

Unit 1 – $1,075

Unit 2 – $1,075

Unit 3 – $2800

Unit 4 – $1000

Unit 5 – $875

Unit 6 – $875

Online Program Dates

Unit 1 – $950

Unit 2 – $950

Unit 3 – $2300

Unit 4 – $950

Unit 5 – $840

Unit 6 – $840

If a transfer student has already taken a Unit’s course but has not taken the exam, only the examination fee will be charged for that Unit and not the entire course cost. This also applies to any exams that the student needs to resit, with the resit fee added to the total tuition amount.

Students have the option of paying the full tuition amount upfront or can opt for a payment plan.

Application :

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  • WSET® Level 4 Diploma in Wines & Spirits Transfer Request

    Important Note: Please ensure that you read the enrollment terms and conditions, and complete all sections of this application which are applicable. Applications that are not complete or unsigned will not be accepted.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I need to hold the WSET Level 3 prior to starting diploma?

Yes, WSET will not let you enroll in Level 4 Diploma until you have officially received your pass grade for the WSET Level 3 Award in Wines Course.

Can I begin my diploma studies with a Unit other than Unit 1 and 2?

No, the WSET requires you to first sit the Unit 2 exam before doing any other Diploma Unit exam or paper – including Unit 1. That may sound odd, as you would think that you should start with Unit 1, but the Diploma units are not done in sequential order. Unit 2 must come first.

What happens if I don’t pass Unit 2?

You may still proceed to other units as long as you have taken the Unit 2 exam. If you do not pass the exam you are able to schedule a retake, however, you do not have to wait until that retake before moving on to other units.

What happens if I can’t make an Exam date?

Exam dates are set globally by the WSET headquarters, not by Napa Valley Wine Academy. Thus they are not flexible. Exam registrations are due to WSET 8 weeks prior to the exam date. If you give less than 8 weeks notice to opt out of your scheduled exam you cannot get out of taking it. The only exceptions are for documented medical or legal excuses. If you miss an exam it goes down as a “non-attend,” which is the same as a fail. You will need to pay for the exam when it is next offered, which may not be for a year. Exam dates are published well in advance so you really need to schedule your life around these dates.

Are the Unit 1 exam and the Unit 1 paper connected?

No, these are two separate assessments, each counting for 50% of your Unit 1 grade. They are based on different topics and have unique due dates. They do not have to be completed together.

Is it possible to finish Diploma in 12 months?

No. The reason for this is that it would be impossible to get all the Unit exams completed in 12 months, given the way they are scheduled by the WSET. More practically, The Level 4 Diploma is a very comprehensive and challenging course of study and thus it takes at least 18 months to complete.

How long do I have to complete all Diploma Units?

When you enroll in the LEvel 4 Diploma it is for a term of three years.

What study materials come with my tuition and what do I need to get on my own?

For each Unit, the WSET publishes a Study Guide outlining what you need to know for that Unit. You will also need to purchase your own copy of “The Oxford Companion to Wine,” by Jancis Robinson and “Understanding Wine Technology,” by David Bird. We also provide a list of other books and websites that are recommended.

Can I switch providers/schools for individual Diploma Units?

The WSET expects you to complete the Level 4 Diploma with the provider you originally enroll with. If that provider is not offering a unit or unit exam that you need it is ok to take it with another provider. If you move to another provider’s area you may also switch to that provider.