Le Nez du Vin


Le Nez du Vin

Set in a sophisticated red case, 54 superb quality aromas come to life in your scent memory for you to recognize in fine wines.

54 index cards explain the real link between aromas and wine.

A guide-book will accompany you with its rich illustrations and practical exercises to teach you how to taste wines the world over.

Make “scents” of wine thanks to Le Nez du Vin®, the learning tool for amateur and professional wine lovers!


54 Whisky Aroma – Master Kit


Jean Lenoir’s latest creation was developed in collaboration with Whisky Master Charles MacLean (The Master of Quaich).

In this latest addition to the Le Nez Collection, Le Nez du Whisky feature’s 54 of the most commonly found aromas in Whisky.

These aromas will help you develop your sense of smell (olfactory memory) and ultimately help you better enjoy whiskey.

A MUST have for all Whisky Lovers.

A beautifully illustrated book introducing you the world’s whiskey regions, its crafting process as well as an index of over 1200 whiskies classified by the aroma.

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24 Aroma – Duo Kit


24 essential aromas found in red wines and white (including champagnes).

Three booklets are included. The first one deals with smell and taste.

The second one unveils how the 12 key white aromas appear and in what types of wine.

The third one covers the same research for 12 key aromas of red wines.

Illustrations and a variety of great wines from all over the world are given as examples. Plenty to get your nose into!

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12 of the most representative “oaked” aromas of wine.

Some of these scents are naturally present in oak wood, while others are generated during the various stages of barrel production.

This magnificent book unveils this secret and is an essential companion to the 54 aroma edition.

An indispensable tool for professionals (enologists, sommeliers, wine growers) and amateurs who want to “take it to the next level”.

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In celebration of L’Armagnac’s 700 Anniversary, we are proud to present our addition to the Le Nez du Vin collection.

To hone our senses to the secrets of Armagnac: from the subtle, smooth aroma of linden flowing from the still, to the fruity pear note characteristic of fruit brandy, to the warm, classic prune, the stamp of long aging, as is walnut, to the elegant candied orange, an abiding feature of old Armagnac, without forgetting the soft, complex palette provided by wood…

12 notes that punctuate and tell the story of the life of Armagnac, from the prime of youth to full maturity.

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Immediately know when you have a bad bottle of wine!

These 12 reference aromas are directly linked to the composition of affected wines. The Faults Kit enables you to identify and memorize the 12 most common faults found in wine. Professionals and enthusiasts use the faults guide to test for faults within a vintage.

Recognize and memorize the major faults of wine: cork taint, faults due to oxidation or reduction, etc.

Learn how wine faults occur
Learn how wine faults can be avoided
Learn how wine faults can be eradicated or their effects lessened

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Discover six aromas that are to be found in a wide range of wines.

To fix them in your mind is to give yourself the chance to recognize them when you find them in wines.

A gift for the wine enthusiast or beginner that will win over both heart and taste buds.

“The ABC’s of Wine Aromas”
The 6 most familiar aromas found in wine have been selected from the Master Kit.
This selection makes an excellent gift or resource for wine tasting sessions.

– 6 Aroma Vials
– 1 Instructional Manual
– Presented In A Cloth-Bound Book

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