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La Place de Bordeaux The World’s Premier Marketplace

October 9, 2021
Saturday at 11 am Pacific


Mathieu Chandronnier, CEO of CVBG

Hosted by:
Christian Oggenfuss, CEO – Napa Valley Wine Academy

Many people are familiar with the great wines of Bordeaux, but few appreciate the inner
workings of how the wines are transported from the cellars to consumers.

The place where this all takes place is the Place de Bordeaux, which is not a place per
se, but rather an amazing network of several dozen wine merchants or négociants who have bought and sold the wines
of Bordeaux for hundreds of years.

Plus, today’s Place de Bordeaux now extends its distribution of wines beyond Bordeaux,
with California at the fore.

Join us as we dive into the incredible story of how Bordeaux wines are sold and how
innovation is now at the heart of the system with Mathieu Chadronnier, CEO of CVBG, one of Bordeaux’s most
influential wine négociants and one of its top experts.

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