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Special Guest: Elin McCoy
Hosted by Peter Marks, MW

People think of Bordeaux as one place, but the region is really like two wine countries divided by water (and virtually everything else). Grapes, flavors, aromas, culture, terroir, classification and even history…the Left Bank and Right Bank couldn’t be more different.

Join us as we interview wine writer Elin McCoy, one of the many well-known contributors to The Académie du Vin Library’s new release, “On Bordeaux.” You’ll learn why the Right Bank became the hub of radical winemaking experiments while the Left Bank has enjoyed all the snob appeal (and how climate change could up-end it all). More importantly, we’ll taste six wines that illustrate the differences.*
There is no fee to attend this webinar, but if you purchase the “On Bordeaux” book you will have access to its recording.

*In lieu of wine kits we will provide a list of suggested wines.

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  • 2016 Ch. Berliquet, St. Emilion
  • 2016 Ch. La Croix de Gay, Pomerol
  • 2016 Ch. Phelan Segur, St. Estephe
  • 2016 Ch. Duhart Milon, Pauillac
On Bordeaux


When things turn out right for Bordeaux, as they frequently do, its wines are sublime. They inspire many thousands of tributes, from Samuel Pepys’ succinct reviews to the most rhapsodic of Michael Broadbent’s tasting notes – in short, over 300 years of wine writing. On Bordeaux is a collection of the best bits, from our best-loved wine writers, critics and commentators, set around 10 of the themes that make Bordeaux tick.

As Jane Anson writes in her introduction: “multi-layered, clear-eyed, moving and often extremely funny [this] collection of stories… celebrates, illuminates and renews our understanding of Bordeaux.”

In On Bordeaux:

Hugh Johnson, Fiona Beckett and Baron Elie de Rothschild discuss dining out on Bordeaux: how best to serve it, with what and who with.
Mathieu Chadronnier, Christian Seely and Joe Fattorini shed light on the way we see claret today.
Ian Maxwell Campbell extols the virtues of 1871 and 1875, the last great vintages before the phylloxera plague.
Fiona Morrison MW explores Bordeaux’s great bounce-back and how the vintage of 1982 changed everything.
John Salvi, Bill Blatch and Peter Vinding-Diers reveal the wines that lead the way to Bordeaux’s future.
Joe Fattorini serves up everything you need to know on running the iconic Médoc Marathon.
Hugh Johnson pays tribute to Bordeaux master Michael Broadbent.

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