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5 Bordeaux Wine Facts Made Clear by Traveling

French wine has always spoken to my heart and palate, so it is no mystery that I am drawn to the wines of one of the most historically important wine regions in the world, Bordeaux. My most recent travels took me on a wine adventure to a villa in Saint Émilion and exploration of the region. While you can learn most everything from a book, here are five Bordeaux wine facts that became clearer after visiting the region:

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5 Must Know Facts About Napa Valley’s History

How did the world first discover and fall in love with the wines of Napa Valley? One could not dispute that the highest impact event was the 1976 Judgment of Paris where California wines bested their French counterparts in both the Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay categories. Here are five must know facts about Napa Valley’s history leading up to the 1976 Paris tasting that helped catapult it to one of the world’s premier wine regions.

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On Minerality in Wine

A frequently cited, but just as frequently misunderstood characteristic in many wines, “minerality” belongs in every Napa Valley Wine Academy student’s sensory repertoire.

Minerality is an umbrella category encompassing such aroma and flavor descriptors as wet rock or stone, chalk, flint, crushed gravel and slate, among others.

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