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Ed LAB: Tasting Calibration & Mastery – Level 4 Diploma


Want to walk into your Diploma D3 Exam feeling confident about your tasting skills and calibration to the WSET Diploma SAT tasting grid? Or do you need advanced blind tasting experience?

Enroll in our Diploma Level 4 SAT Tasting Calibration & Mastery with Peter Marks MW.

Our NVWA Ed-Lab provides a wine kit with six blind wines which are double-labeled so they can be tasted blind before being peeled back for a reveal. 

And an accompanying online portal with six (6) tasting videos led by Peter Marks MW taking each wine through the Diploma Systematic Approach to Tasting. You will also have access to a full set of SAT Tasting Notes on these wines written by Peter Marks INCLUDING written Conclusions so you can see best-practice SAT quality and drinkability conclusions. 

Anyone wanting to guess the grape variety, region, or even vintage and producer of these wines will find this Ed-Lab educational and fun.

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Want to walk into your Diploma D3 Exam feeling confident about your tasting skills and calibration to the SAT tasting grid? Need help on gaining maximum marks when writing your conclusions?

The tasting portion of the exam is one of the most nerve-wracking for students; we understand. You taste under pressure, unsure of whether you are calibrated correctly to the SAT tasting grid. 

Yet with calibration and guidance, along with crucial tips, you can master the Diploma SAT.

As the only school to be awarded the Global Wine Educator of the Year award twice, our certified instructor Peter Marks MW has helped countless students pass Diploma tasting exams.  

No matter your APP, Peter Marks MW will help you calibrate your palate through online tasting videos and a reveal of well-written tasting notes, including the all-important conclusions, for wines included with this exam prep online class. 

With our Diploma SAT Mastery, you will receive or have:

  • a set of six (6) wine samples included with your purchase
  • an online platform including six (6) tasting videos by Peter Marks MW, one of each wine, walking you through the SAT and providing tips and tricks on getting to the same levels and assessments as your Certified Wine Educator. 
  • a full set of Certified-Instructor SAT tasting notes written by Peter Marks MW to see how the perfect notes are written
  • the ability to gain these skills at your own pace; conducting the tastings as best for your schedule

Are you ready to calibrate with a Certified WSET Diploma Instructor and learn how to gain maximum points on the tasting exam?

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