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Diploma SAT Mastery 3-Part Webinar Series

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Participation Limited to 12 due to LIVE, detailed feedback

Excel at writing WSET Diploma SAT tasting notes; you will walk into your exams with greater confidence. In this 3-part interactive webinar series, our dipWSET, Certified WSET Instructor will help you:

  • Decode what the WSET is looking for in key SAT categories.
  • Learn how to gain critical marks with the various types of Conclusions you may be asked to write.
  • Receive live, detailed (anonymous) feedback on submitted notes.

An essential webinar series for any WSET Level 4 Diploma student

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Excel at Writing Diploma SAT Tastings Notes: 3 Part Webinar Series

Learn how to write best-practice SAT tasting notes in preparation for the rigorous WSET Diploma tasting exams. Hosted by Certified WSET and dipWSET instructors, this 3-part series will culminate in a greater understanding and mastery of:

  • What to consider when writing a complete Diploma SAT note What to include in the various Conclusions sections that can appear on the Diploma tasting exams
  • Assessing wine quality

This series is very limited to allow for individual note grading and discussion.

  • Session 1: Decoding the Diploma SAT and what you need to consider and include to gain maximum marks
  • Session 2: Writing the all-important Conclusions – a review of what you might see on the exam, and what to include to gain maximum marks in this critical section. At the end of this session, a Homework Assignment will be given for the final Session 3. Participants will be asked to submit a tasting note which will be graded and then discussed in session 3. (Students will not be named in association with their notes; the corrections and discussion of all notes will allow for deeper understanding of what to include and what not to include and will benefit all participants.)
  • Session 3: Discussion of Homework Assignment: Submitted Tasting Notes – receive live feedback and grading of your note while learning tips, tricks and grading on other notes to maximize marks on your notes for the Diploma SAT.

Details: No wines are shipped. Students will source their own samples for writing and then submitting tasting notes after session #2 for live, detailed review during session #3. Focus is on best practices (what to include, what to consider for gaining marks), not on correcting levels of acidity, tannin, alcohol, etc.)

  • Webinar 1 – Decoding the Diploma SAT
  • Webinar 2 – 2018, Mastering Conclusion Writing & Quality Assessment
  • Webinar 3 – 2018, SAT Submitted Note Discussions

Wednesday evenings 4 – 6 pm Pacific Two-hour live webinar sessions (links will be provided prior to sessions)

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