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How It’s Made: Rosé Wine

Never underestimate the range of rosé. The colors, aromas, textures, and flavors can vary widely from one producer to the next. Below is a breakdown...

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How It’s Made: White Wine

Once grapes have been harvested for white winemaking, the fun really begins. Winemakers must make a series of decisions, such as exactly how firmly to...

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WAWArticleMENU Precision Viticulture Water

Precision Viticulture: Water

In this final article in our three-part series, we’ll look at ways grape growers are using technology to be as effective as possible with their...

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Precision Viticulture: Air

Learn more about the cutting-edge technology being used to combat challenges such as smoke taint, pests, disease and fungal spores. This is the second article...

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WAWArticleMENU How to Enjoy Older Wines

How to Enjoy Older Wines

Once you know you’re dealing with an “older” wine, follow these six steps for a perfect drinking experience. By Jonathan Cristaldi The idea of drinking...

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Precision Viticulture: Land

by Noelle Hale, DipWSET, Diploma Manager, WSET Certified Educator Whether you’re enjoying the breeze in your hair while strolling through a vineyard, tasting a new...

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