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IWP LogoItalian Wine Central Level 2 Course: Italian Wine Professional (IWP) 8-Week Online Course

Napa Valley Wine Academy is proud to now offer the Italian Wine Professional 8-week ONLINE course in conjunction with Italian Wine Central, the leading online Italian wine information resource.

Now entering its fourth year of bringing focused Italian wine education to the wine trade, the Level 2 IWP ONLINE course is perfect for students looking for ultimate flexibility and who want to study on their own schedule.

 The IWP online course includes:

  • Access to the Italian Wine Professional 8-week online course and online exam
  • Coverage of all 20 Italian regions and all styles of Italian wine, in a single comprehensive course
  • The Italian Wine Professional Certification Course Book – your offline study manual companion to the online program, comprising more than 200 pages, in full color, with all the information needed to master the course as well as additional reference materials
  • Live and recorded webinars by renowned industry experts
  • Engaging online learning modules
  • Online quizzes
  • Full instructor support
  • Italian pronunciation practice and additional support options
  • The Italian Wine Professional online exam

This course is ideal for:

  • Those who work in the retail or restaurant segments
  • Those employed in a sales role at an importer or distributor selling, evaluating, or anyone whose portfolio is actively competing against Italian wines
  • Wine writers, educators, public relations and marketing professionals with winery clients
  • Avid connoisseurs who wish to increase their knowledge of Italian wine
  • Anyone who has a passion for Italian wine and wants help in understanding Italian wine labels, choosing Italian wines on a wine list or appreciating the differences between the myriad Italian wine styles.

Course Description

The Italian Wine Professional course is recommended for anyone who wants to strengthen his or her knowledge base on the subject of Italian wine. The program is designed to bring Italian wines into focus and provide the confidence necessary to discuss, sell, buy, and enjoy Italian wine at a professional level. Ideal candidates include:

  • Those who have experience with wine but have not dealt much with Italian wine
  • Those who are familiar with some of the more famous categories of Italian wine but want to broaden their scope to less familiar territory
  • Those who work in retail, restaurant, import, and distribution roles selling, evaluating, or competing against Italian wines
  • Wine writers, educators, and avid connoisseurs who wish to increase their knowledge of Italian wine
  • Anyone who has a passion for Italian wine but wants help in understanding Italian wine labels, expanding their horizons in choosing wines on a wine list, or appreciating the differences between the myriad Italian wine styles

The course is particularly recommended for wine professionals who have Italian wine sales as one of their job requirements and who do not currently feel comfortable with their Italian wine knowledge. The IWP is also appropriate for wine consumers who like Italian wine but have little experience with it. In addition, the IWP makes a perfect first step to get on solid ground regarding Italian wine before tackling high-level general credentials (e.g., Advanced Sommelier, WSET Diploma, etc.).

Italian Wine Professional™ Certification Course Book & Study Guide Features

  • Into Italian Wine front coverOrganized by wine style—the way in which most people buy and sell wine—an efficient and practical way to comprehend the large body of knowledge that is Italian wine
  • Denominations, grape varieties, and other key facts that come up in daily conversation or work-related activities
  • Dozens of full-color images and custom-produced maps
  • Clear, concise grape variety profiles
  • Diverse and comprehensive workbook exercises designed to aid students in their understanding and retention
  • Segments on pronunciation, vocabulary, cuisine, and culture that allow students to understand Italy’s wines within the cultural context of each region
  • Reference sections that make the book useful as a daily professional resource (post-study), including a complete list of all 407 DOPs and a synopsis of rules for denominations covered in the IWP course
  • Professionally edited and fully indexed for easy reference
In addition, throughout, students will be exposed to:
  • A practical tasting approach geared toward understanding what’s in the bottle
  • Grape variety profiles and Italy’s major wine styles
  • Geography through the use of original color maps
  • Navigating restaurant wine lists and examples of retail wine sets
  • Italian cuisine and its relationship with Italian wines
  • Italian language pronunciation exercises

The online course includes recommended wines students can source and sample on their own.

“I am proud to teach the IWP class and I highly recommend the course. The materials (presentation, maps, workbook) are outstanding.”

Kathy Morgan, Master Sommelier & IWP Instructor

“As a passionate Italian wine lover and lifelong teacher, the Italian Wine Professional course book Into Italian Wine had me rapt. This book presents a concise yet detailed combination of regional information, grape variety profiles, and pronunciation exercises (which is half the battle). The importance of geography, especially when it comes to Italy, can never be overlooked.  Into Italian Wine presents the best maps I have ever seen in an Italian wine book, they are unique and special to the book.  Let us never forget that Italian wine and food are so often spoken of in the same breath, and Into Italian Wine honors that tradition by weaving regional foods into the context easily. Finishing off the experience is a suggested list of wines to taste and evocative pictures that entice the reader to want to book a trip to Italy immediately. Together, these aspects make the Italian Wine Professional course and book a must-have for any student, buyer, or lover of Italian wine.”

Kevin Zraly

Author & Wine Educator, Windows on the World Complete Wine Course

What the experts are saying about the program

“I have always felt that drinking wine without context is like visiting a country without having any idea of where you have landed. There may be impressions, even lasting ones, but they eventually become foggy in our memory. The course book for the Italian Wine Professional, Into Italian Wine, provides just such context to Italian wines.

The Italian Wine Professional course provides an excellent and complete road map with which to navigate the world of Italian wines, from its very useful explanations of the terminology through the intricacies of the Italian and EU appellation laws… Into Italian Wine and the Italian Wine Professional course are the perfect way to achieve the comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of all the major Italian wine regions and grape varieties essential for anyone selling, buying or drinking Italian wine.”

Leonardo LoCascio

Founder, Winebow Inc.

“Italy by far is the most daunting country for any student of wine. The mere scale of regions, styles of wine, grapes, and vineyards can seem truly overwhelming. A good course book is absolutely essential for any success in learning and Into Italian Wine: The Italian Wine Professional Certification Course by Jack and Geralyn Brostrom is just that book. It is superbly organized with a structure that deftly balances big picture topics with all the necessary details. The manual also includes a multitude of easily readable maps—another vital key to effective learning. Students of wine will find Into Italian Wine: The Italian Wine Professional Certification Course to be an invaluable guide to most complex country in the world of wine.”

Tim Gaiser

Master Sommelier

“The IWP should be considered an essential credential for anyone that buys or sells Italian wine.”

Jay Youmans

Master of Wine, IWP

“Italian wine novices and aficionados alike will cherish Into Italian Wine: The Italian Wine Professional Certification Course. This indispensable book is beautifully organized with easy-to-understand text, vivid photos, detailed maps, pronunciation guides and applicable exercises to make learning memorable and fun. I know of no better guide covering the amazing wines and regions of Italy. Bravo!”

Peter Marks

Master of Wine

What IWP graduates are saying about the program:

“The course is great. In all my studies, I’ve never had Italy broken down into such an organized, understandable way. Kudos to you and your team.”

– Tiy Bowton,WS, IWP – Total Wine & More, Long Beach, CA  

“I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the course – it’s extremely comprehensive and the information is presented so clearly. I’ve studied Italian wine with other organizations and I lived in Florence for ten years, and this program is SO useful and straightforward.”

– Claire Hennessy, IWP – Senior Account Executive, Colangelo Public Relations

“Great course. The online material was some of the best I have ever seen. I enjoyed the format of the exam. It really made you know your stuff. In addition, it was fair with no trick questions.”

—Kurt Garbars, IWP – Wine Education Institute, Denver, CO

“With the growing interest in Italian wines in the U.S. and more styles of Italian wines becoming available, I would highly recommend the IWP course to anyone interested in learning about the many Italian wine regions, indigenous grapes, and styles of Italian wines at a professional level. This course should be a prerequisite for wine professionals who make up restaurant wine lists or make recommendations to customers in a wine shop.”

—Rick Cusker, IWP – educator and wine judge, Pittsford, NY

“This course has caused me to study Italian wines more intensely than I ever have. I have been working at wineries in Napa Valley for 14 years and now will feel far more confident about my discussions on certain Italian wine varietals, regions, and DOCGs.”

—Bob Becker, IWP – Hess Collection Winery, Napa, CA

“The format is the future of professional education: brief, targeted, online–I will get 100 articles out of the material.”

—Andrew Chalk, IWP – wine writer, Dallas, TX

I would recommend the Italian Wine Professional course because it is the most effective course for aspiring Italian wines connoisseurs. As a sommelier, educator, and restaurateur, it refreshed and added additional in-depth notions about the ever-changing world of Italian wines. I will make use of the additional knowhow through themed dinners, presentations, short courses, etc.”

—Luciano Nesi, IWP – L’Opera Restaurant Group, Manila, The Philippines

“The IWP course has helped me tremendously in my job as a wholesale wine buyer for a restaurant group. When examining supplier’s portfolios, I now have a clearer understanding of the various Italian denominations and some idea of what to expect when I taste the wines. I am far more comfortable engaging in conversation about Italian wines with suppliers, distributors, colleagues, and most importantly, customers. And the Italian Wine Central website is the first place I look when confronted with a DOC or grape variety that I don’t recognize. Incredibly helpful!”

—Dorothy S. Livick, IWP – Tazza Kitchen, Richmond, VA

“I now have a solid foundation of Italian wine regions and laws. I felt when studying WSET Unit 3 (light wines) that I wasn’t able to put nearly as much work into Italy as I did other regions, in large part because it was so big and expansive and, frankly, confusing. I definitely feel like I have a good foundation now, where the IWP was able to fill in the missing gaps. For someone who is looking for a solid foundation in Italian wine, this was a great class.”

—Jess Helfand, IWP – Bottle Babble, Alexandria, VA