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Introduction to the Business of Wine

develop an appreciation of the realities of the wine business as a business

Introduction to Wine Business

This full day course provides an overview of wine business. Students will develop an appreciation of the realities of the wine business as a business and come to understand the costs associated with making and marketing wines. The course will take students through the business process of grapes-to-glass.

Saturday, August 1st, 2015


  • Ideal as a basic program for winery personnel for “understanding the wine business for non-business winery staff.”
  • Designed for anyone who has an interest in better understanding the wine business from the “grape to the glass.”

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the entire wine value chain and the viewpoints of the various stakeholders in the areas of:
    • Grape growing, including its costs, values, quality considerations, supply and demand, risks and opportunities
    • Production, wine making, maturation and packaging
    • Marketing
    • Distribution, a complex and highly regulated process
    • Domestic sales, selling wine in retail stores (off-premise), restaurants and bars (on-premise), online and direct to consumer (through tasting rooms, events and wine clubs)
  2. Understand the key decision points, interrelatedness and costs that go into growing, producing, marketing, distributing and selling a wine product.
  3. Incorporates the WineBizSim business plan, an online workbook for demonstrating and understanding decisions and costs that go into producing wine.
  4. Understand the financial resources and time periods necessary to establish a wine product.
  5. Real world look at how the wine business operates, primary decisions and the cost/quality tradeoffs plus discussion of “hot topics” in the wine industry.

Course begins 9:30am and ends at 4:00pm; includes lunch.

(Full day) – $395 includes lunch, all course materials and certificate








Tim Hanni, MW, CWE

Tim Hanni, MW, CWE

Master of Wine, Certified Wine Educator, Wine Industry Faculty, Sonoma State University

Join instructor and Master of Wine, Tim Hanni an internationally renowned ‘flavor maven.’ A professionally-trained chef, he is one of the first two resident Americans to successfully complete the examination and earn the title Master of Wine. He is a Certified Wine Educator accredited by the Society of Wine Educators. He has been involved with wine- and food-related businesses, education and research for over thirty-five years. Hanni has a unique perspective on food and wine, providing a modern and innovative approach to the subject.


Course location Napa Valley Wine Academy 2501 Oak Street, Napa, CA 94559

Napa Valley Wine Academy

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