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WSET Level 1 Award in Wines

This course is designed to be hands-on and fun. You will explore different styles of wines through sight, smell, and taste and learn the key principles involved in the storage and service of wine.


WSET Level 1 Award in Spirits

A beginner-level introduction to spirits. You’ll explore the main styles and types of spirits through sight, smell, and taste to develop an understanding of the key factors affecting flavors and aromas.


WSET Level 2 Award in Wines

If you’re ready to go beyond the basics, WSET Level 2 Award in Wine offers a deeper look at the world’s wine styles and regions. You’ll elevate your tasting skills with our 12-bottle (100 ml) wine tasting kit*, curated by our experts for this level.


WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits

Learn about spirits and liqueurs through a 5-week online study program that is flexible to work around your existing commitments. The Level 2 Award in Spirits Online covers the same syllabus as the classroom course in a supported and interactive Online Classroom, which allows you to study alongside your peers under the guidance of a dedicated educator.


WSET Level 3 Award in Wines

Earning this advanced certification isn’t easy, but we arm you for success. We teach our students the WSET way of thinking. You’ll not only know the material, but you’ll also understand what they are looking for so you can feel confident on test day.


WSET Level 4 – Diploma in Wines
D1 Wine Production

D1 Wine Production kicks off the WSET Diploma program, and builds a foundation of theory knowledge for future units. This detailed examination of production demonstrates how key decisions in the vineyard and cellar combine to impact a wine’s style, quality and price


WSET Level 4 – Diploma in Wines
D2 Wine Business

D2 Wine Business dives more deeply into the factors that contribute to the price of wine. You’ll also understand the many types of businesses engaged in the production of wine, available options for getting wine to the point of sale, and key considerations in wine marketing.


WSET Level 4 – Diploma in Wines
D3 Wines of the World

In the WSET Level 4 D3 Wines of the World class, students examine the still wines produced in France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, Canada, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and China.


WSET Level 4 – Diploma in Wines
D4 Sparkling Wine

Explore the sparkling wines produced in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, USA, South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand through detailed theoretical and practical study.


WSET Level 4 – Diploma in Wines
D5 Fortified Wine

Diploma’s Unit 5 offers a detailed exploration of the often overlooked world of fortified wines: Sherry, Port, Madeira, Vins Doux Naturels and Rutherglen Muscat.


WSET Level 4 – Diploma in Wines
D6 Independent Research Assignment

While Diploma’s Unit 6 is an independent project, our proprietary online classroom offers resources to ensure your paper meets WSET expectations. WSET releases two topics each August, allowing students to pick ONE. This year’s topics include low and no alcohol wines (due January 31, 2024) or regenerative viticulture (due July 31, 2024). If you don’t like either of the two available topics, you can wait until the next academic year for two new topics to be released.

Napa Valley Wine Academy Courses

Give the Gift of Wine Education!



Wine 101 Foundation

This course is the perfect starting point for wine education. Wine 101 deepens one’s understanding (and appreciation) of wine by teaching the basics of grape varieties and wine styles, tasting and food pairings, and how to confidently select and serve wine. Includes wine kit.



Wine 201

This intermediate course offers a deeper exploration of the world’s wine regions and their grape varieties and styles. Ideal for both professionals and enthusiasts, Wine 201 provides the building blocks for continual exploration of wine.



American Wine Expert™

Did you know there are award-winning wine regions in virtually every state in the U.S.? Celebrate America’s wine renaissance with the first and only course focused 100% on American wines and wine regions. Essential for anyone who drinks, buys or sells wine in the U.S.



Oregon Wine Expert™

There’s so much more to Oregon than Pinot Noir. Get a global understanding of this premier wine region’s 72 grape varieties and nearly 800 small production wineries with the first and only online certification course focused solely on Oregon.



Napa Valley Wine Expert™

Napa Valley is the most prestigious wine region in the U.S., yet very few wine students have explored it deeply. Master the wines of Napa’s 16 nested AVAs and its history, soil and climate with this advance certification – the first and only of its kind.

Study Trips  

Give the Gift of an Educational Journey of a Lifetime


South Africa


Calling all devoted wine aficionados and WSET level 2 to 4 scholars! Set sail on an unmatched vinous adventure, exquisitely tailored for a select group of 14 discerning travelers, under the expert guidance of the renowned founder of Napa Valley Wine Academy, Christian Oggenfuss, DipWSET. Dive deep into the rich tapestry of South African wine heritage like you’ve never imagined. Traverse the verdant vineyards and savor the intricate notes of wines from 10 handpicked wineries, all while basking in the majestic backdrop of South Africa’s iconic landscapes.



 Calling all passionate wine enthusiasts and WSET level 2 to 4 students! Embark on an unparalleled wine-centric journey, meticulously curated for just 14 privileged travellers, guided by the esteemed Wines of Chile Ambassador, Jean Cox. Experience the depth and breadth of Chilean wine culture like never before, delving into the heart of lush vineyards and sampling the nuanced profiles of wines in a selection of 10 unique wineries, set against the aweinspiring grandeur of the Andes Mountains.



Calling all wine enthusiasts and students! Join the Napa Valley Wine Academy and the distinguished German Master of Wine, Romana Echensperger, on an educational 7-day, 6-night journey through Germany’s illustrious wine regions. This specially curated trip is perfect for WSET levels 2-4 students and budding sommeliers. Together, we’ll explore the scenic wine landscapes of Rheingau, Mosel, Nahe, and Ahr, enhancing your understanding of winemaking and wine appreciation.



Join Anna Savino, named Piemonte Expert by Forbes Magazine, to explore Piemonte, one of the world’s most classic wine regions. You’ll see the 11 villages of Barolo, explore the important towns of Alba, Barbaresco, Roero, Monferrato and Neive (the latter called one of Italy’s most beautiful villages), including tours of 6 wineries, vineyards, and the opportunity to meet key winemakers in the region. Enjoy 2- 1⁄2-days of Masterclasses with in-depth tastings as you learn about the appellations, districts, varieties, culture, and wine. You’ll walk away with a deep understanding of the region’s different styles of wines and instantly be a part of the Piemonte wine community, having met key winemakers, growers and educators in the region.



Embark on a captivating seven-day wine journey in the heart of Sicilian wine country with esteemed experts, Benjamin Spencer, author of “The New Wines of Mount Etna,” and official Etna Ambassador, Catherine Bugue, the dynamo behind Napa Valley Wine Academy. Mt Etna, a gem in Sicily’s crown, is not only its premier wine-producing region here but also a repository of deep-rooted history, culture, and unparalleled flavors. Our immersive experience is meticulously crafted to offer you a blend of enlightening lectures, insightful wine tastings, and visits to iconic wineries, all while you soak in the beauty of Sicily’s mesmerizing landscapes.



Step into the heart of Mendoza’s wine region with the “Argentina Study Trip 2024”, a distinctively curated journey designed for just 14 serious wine enthusiasts and students. This tour, meticulously crafted by esteemed wine educator Christian Oggenfuss, aims to expand your understanding of Argentina’s revered wine industry. Tailored for those pursuing WSET Levels 2-4 or training to be a sommelier, this unique experience promises to deepen your knowledge and appreciation of the craft that embodies Argentinian winemaking.

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6 Aroma – Introductory Kit

Discover six aromas that are to be found in a wide range of wines. To fix them in your mind is to give yourself the chance to recognize them when you find them in wines. A gift for the wine enthusiast or beginner that will win over both heart and taste buds. “The ABC’s of Wine Aromas” The 6 most familiar aromas found in wine have been selected from the Master Kit. This selection makes an excellent gift or resource for wine tasting sessions.