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Everything Albariño: Discover Rías Baixas

OCTOBER 13, 2021 10 am Pacific


Presenter: Rick Fisher, Spanish Wine Scholar Instructor

Hosted by: Christian Oggenfuss, dipWSET and CEO Napa Valley Wine Academy

Rías Baixas is home to some of the world’s most elegant white wines and the native grape variety, Albariño.

Crisp, light and refreshing, Albariño from Rías Baixas derives natural elegance from its misty, coastal terroir in northwest Spain.

Join Rick Fisher, Spanish wine expert @thespanishwineguy for a tasting of 3 Albariño white wines from this notable Spanish wine region.

Full bottle samples will be sent to qualified trade; please note wine shipping address in registration form below.

Deadline to be considered for wine samples is September 20th.

An adult 21+ must be present to sign for delivery.

Everything Albariño: Discover Rías Baixas