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Scotch Whisky 101 — Reading the Label

Go to any bar, restaurant, or take stock next time you’re in any retail shop and you’ll notice that the brown spirits section seems to be in constant expansion mode. Knowing how each brown spirit is produced, and where each one comes from is critical for students of wine and spirits looking to ace their exams. 

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5 Halloween Netflix TV Shows and Wine Pairings  

Even better than Halloween movie and wine pairings, we put together a list of the best wines to drink while indulging in your favorite Netflix TV Halloween horror series. Just be sure to keep a second bottle of wine nearby, along with some Wine Away spray, since chances are you’ll be so frightened a glass or two is bound to be knocked off the coffee table.

10 Essential Resources WSET

10 Essential Resources for the WSET Diploma Student

The WSET Diploma requires breadth and depth of wine knowledge. Determining which resources to use can be daunting because there is so much information available. I was successful by using a variety of sources that allowed me to grasp both the big picture and the small details. Looking back, it’s easy to identify the resources …

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5 Wines To Drink This Spring | #InstructorPicks

I’ll never forget the first article I read about wines to drink during springtime months. It was a number of years ago from an online magazine, and whatever the title (something about springtime sippers), it really should have been titled: “A Beginners Guide To Wine” because the author, whether it was intended or not, wrote …

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Wine Education Abroad 2023 General Product

Your next wine adventure awaits!

If you want to truly understand the wines from a certain region, you have to go directly to the source. Join Napa Valley Wine Academy in 2023 as we journy to Mendoza, Alsace, Hungary, Rioja, Sicily, Champagne and Piedmonte for the wine education trips of a lifetime. Only 12 seats are available for each excursion, so claim your space today!