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Black Friday Half-Off Sale

50% off select courses thru November 30

We’re lighting up Black Friday with our annual half-off sale. Enjoy 50% off select online courses all weekend long.

This sale only happens once a year, so don’t miss your chance to get high quality wine education at HALF the price.

From beginner to expert level, these courses allow you to deep dive into a particular region, get a glimpse of what it takes to be a sommelier, or give the gift of education to your favorite wine lover.



Wine 101 Foundation

This course is the perfect starting point for wine education. Wine 101 deepens one’s understanding (and appreciation) of wine by teaching the basics of grape varieties and wine styles, tasting and food pairings, and how to confidently select and serve wine. Includes wine kit.

Now $99.50

Wine History Foundations

Understanding the history of wine enriches current wine studies as well as travel to Old World regions. Appreciate the impact of wine on the development of Western societies as well as the evolution of wine styles and customs with this unique course.

Now $99.50

How to Choose Wine Like a Pro

Never feel intimidated in the wine aisle again. This quick course teaches the secrets of choosing the right wine for the right occasion with a simple breakdown of food and wine pairings.

Now $24.50

Enjoy Any Wine with Any Food

Gain a better understanding of your personal tastes and learn techniques to adjust your food in order to enjoy it with the type of wine that suits your preferences and palate.

Now $24.50


Wine 201

This intermediate course offers a deeper exploration of the world’s wine regions and their grape varieties and styles. Ideal for both professionals and enthusiasts, Wine 201 provides the building blocks for continual exploration of wine.

Now $99.50

SommDay Deductive Tasting

Get a glimpse of what it takes to be a sommelier with an introduction to the Deductive Method of Tasting – the strategy sommeliers use to identify and describe wines. Ideal for anyone working in hospitality, considering sommelier certification or wanting to improve their tasting skills.

Now $74.50

SommDay Service

Designed for anyone in the food, beverage or hospitality industry, this course teaches the service and presentation skills used by sommeliers. Learn how to enhance a guest’s experience by properly presenting and pouring wine.

Now $74.50


American Wine Expert™

Did you know there are award-winning wine regions in virtually every state in the U.S.? Celebrate America’s wine renaissance with the first and only course focused 100% on American wines and wine regions. Essential for anyone who drinks, buys or sells wine in the U.S. Includes wine kit.

Now $299.50

Napa Valley Wine Expert™

Napa Valley is the most prestigious wine region in the U.S., yet very few wine students have explored it deeply. Master the wines of Napa’s 16 nested AVAs and its history, soil and climate with this advance certification – the first and only of its kind.

Now $149.50

Oregon Wine Expert™

There’s so much more to Oregon than Pinot Noir. Get a global understanding of this premier wine region’s 72 grape varieties and nearly 800 small production wineries with the first and only online certification course focused solely on Oregon.

Now $199.50

Argentina Wine Specialist™️

Gain an edge in the industry by becoming one of the few to explore the unique wines of Argentina (there’s more than Malbec from Mendoza). Ideal for anyone planning a trip to the region or working with South American wine.

$125.00 Now $62.50

Discovering Italian Wine Online

Italy is the most important country for imported wines into the U.S. It’s also one of the most complex, offering more than 3,000 grape varieties. Gain a quick initiation in Italian wine knowledge to enhance a trip to the region or jumpstart your career.

$125.00 Now $62.50


Interested in WSET certification?

The time is NOW. Starting November 23, you can get 10% off your WSET Award in Wines (Levels 1-3) when you sign up for a December course. Start off strong in 2022 by learning for less.

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WSET Level 1 Online

Our WSET Level 1 course will help you begin to talk and taste like a professional, including a 6 bottle (100 ml) wine tasting kit. Gain the basic skills to describe wines accurately. Have a systematic approach to tasting and identifying wine types. Know the fundamental principles of food and wine pairing.

10% Off Until Nov 30. Begins Dec 1 – Enroll now to receive your wine kit in time!

Now $301.50

WSET Level 2 Online

Identify the major grape varieties and important regions that define the world’s key wines. Decode label information to understand a wine’s quality and style. Calibrate your tasting skills to our NVWA instructors using the WSET’s Level 2 Systematic Approach to Wine Tasting (SAT).

10% Off Until Nov 30. Begins Dec 1 – Enroll now to receive your wine kit in time!

Now $629.10

WSET Level 3 Online

Understand the key factors in wine production including location, grape growing, winemaking, maturation and bottling. Identify key characteristics of still, sparkling and fortified wines of the world. Evaluate wines with blind tasting using WSET Level 3 Systematic Approach to Tasting® (SAT).

10% Off Until Nov 30. Begins Dec 1 – Enroll now to receive your wine kit in time!

Now $1210.50

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