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My American Thanksgiving in Burgundy

As an American living in France, I love mixing the traditions from home with those of my family and friends here. I’m hosting a Thanksgiving in Burgundy this month. The Franco-American holiday of Thanksgiving is a celebration for us of heritage, culture, family, friends and of course, that means food and wine.

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Rias Baxias

Webinar – Everything Albariño: Discover Rías Baixas

Presenter: Rick Fisher, Spanish Wine Scholar Instructor Host: Christian Oggenfuss dipWSET and CEO, NVWA Rías Baixas is home to some of the world’s most elegant white wines and the native grape variety, Albariño. Crisp, light and refreshing, Albariño from Rías Baixas derives natural elegance from its misty, coastal terroir in northwest Spain. Join Rick Fisher,

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WINE WORK & PASSION EPISODE 5 – Michael Cerio – Distinguished Vineyards

In this Episode, Karen Wetzel speaks with Michael Cerio, VP of Operations for Distinguished Vineyards & Wine Partners. Michael will share his experience and knowledge of the wine industry from a “back of the house” perspective and talk about the many jobs that fall under this umbrella. Michael will close out the interview with actionable

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Champagne’s Third Wheel: Pinot Meunier

In a small handful of appellations around the world, it’s common to find a deeply colored, richly concentrated red wine that has been enhanced by the inclusion of white grapes. Here, we take a deep dive into the history of co-fermentation, from fans to deep skeptics.

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Exam Success: Good, Better, Best—Never Stops to Rest

If you’re feeling “less than impressed” with your exam performance or on the nervous countdown until your next—you are not alone. Stacy Briscoe, wine journalist, editor, and DipWSET Candidate shares her personal sob story and brings you a glut of soul-crushing failure stories from MWs, and MS, and Napa Valley Wine Academy DipWSET staff. Remember, you are not alone!

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Webinar – Champagne Harvest

https://player.vimeo.com/video/610060092?h=4540a73982&badge=0&autopause=0&player_id=0&app_id=58479&wmode=opaque Host: Christian OggenfussdipWSET and CEO, NVWA This year has been a challenging one for the world’s most famous wine region. A deceptively warm early Spring pushed the vines to produce buds; the most severe frost in 30 years in early April devastated these buds. Please join us for an up-to-the-moment session on this year’s

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Webinar – Rioja: Historic Superb Quality

https://player.vimeo.com/video/568654577?badge=0&autopause=0&player_id=0&app_id=58479&h=6c10185491 Host: Christian OggenfussdipWSET and CEO, NVWA What we covered: Rioja DOCa is among the world’s top 5 classic wine regions; people have known the style and ageability of these Tempranillo-based blends since the mid-1800’s. This webinar explores how Rioja’s iconic style came to be, and how the Bodegas of the region have adapted to

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Passion to Profit: How to make money in wine

There is a gap in the wine industry between learning about wine and knowing how to make money in wine. No matter your career goals — teaching, selling, marketing, making — you must understand the entire supply chain and value chain in order to be successful.

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Rioja Tempranillo and Beyond

Webinar – Rioja: Tempranillo and Beyond

What we covered: Rioja is a region made famous by its blends of Tempranillo and other varieties, aged for long periods in oak.

Advances in viticulture, harvesting and winemaking – as well as climate change – have allowed Rioja’s growers and winemakers to single out the noble grape of Spain and its sister grapes, and make outstanding wines highlighting the terroir of the region.

Join Master of Wine Kryss Speegle in this tasting webinar as she discusses the varieties that grow in Rioja, where they grow and how viticulture knowledge has changed what is possible in one of the world’s top 5 wine regions. We will taste terroir specific Tempranillo, Graciano, Garnacha and Viura from specific areas. A wine kit is included in this webinar for qualified trade.

We also discussed:
— The new trend and new allowances of grape provenance vs wine style
–Grape and wine character through a wine kit

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Wine & Literature

Drinking wine is like reading a good book. We sip and savor to discover a wine’s story, drown in the dialogue between terroir and grape, befriend the character of the winemaker. Here are 10 lines from famous texts that pertain to wine; and speak to the time and place in which the words were written.

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The History of Co-Fermentation in Côte-Rôtie and Beyond

In a small handful of appellations around the world, it’s common to find a deeply colored, richly concentrated red wine that has been enhanced by the inclusion of white grapes. Here, we take a deep dive into the history of co-fermentation, from fans to deep skeptics.

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Frances 2021 wine harvest could be the smallest in decades 1

France’s 2021 wine harvest could be the smallest in decades

A preliminary estimate released by France’s agriculture ministry shows that the 2021 wine harvest will be one of the smallest in at least 50 years. The output is likely to decrease by 24% – 30% across France, said Agreste, France agriculture ministry statisticians. That means the average wine production in France may fall to between

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American Whiskey: Respect for the Past, Reimagining the Future

The current deeply exciting state of American whiskey has not developed by mistake. The recent explosion of new whiskey labels has created a buzz around the ancient amber liquor. NVWA Brian Freedman highlights the key players in the American Whiskey movement, and how you can learn to taste like a pro.

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WINE WORK & PASSION EPISODE 3 – Curtis Mann – Albertsons

In this episode of Wine, Work & Passion, we’ll talk to Curtis Mann, Master of Wine, Group Vice President – Alcohol (Wine, Beer & Spirits). Curtis shares insights about working on the retail side of the wine industry and provide actionable advice to help you in pursuit of your wine industry career.  He’ll also share his experience as one of only 52 Masters of Wine in the US/Canada.

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Webinar – Côtes du Rhône Foundations

The Rhône Valley region of France has been a quality wine producing region for over 800 years. In fact, the imprint of CDR was noted as far back as the 1700s. Much of the sommelier community focus of the region has been on the cru wines from a handful of well-known villages.

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Biodynamic Farming in Wine

Sonoma-based wine journalist and editor Stacy Briscoe visits Quintessa, taking a deep dive into the biodynamic farming practices at this iconic Napa estate.

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Champagne Sustainability Webinar Image

Webinar – Sustainability in Champagne

Climate change has affected the world’s most famous wine region – is that good or bad?

Learn how the Champagne region has modified the way it grows, produces, bottles, and exports its most prized asset. Instructor and Champagne expert Jess Helfand (Diploma WSET) guides us through everything from canopy management, harvest dates, bottle weight, and more.
Yes, we can tend to the planet while indulging in our favorite bubbly, and yes we can feel great about it!

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Rioja Trends Bookends

Webinar – Rioja – What You Need to Know Now

We welcomed special guest presenter Matthew Kaner, Master of Wine Peter Marks, and Dhane Chesson representing the Rioja region. We also had the pleasure to present special messages from icons of the region – Alvaro Palacios of Palacios Remondo, Maria Urrutia of CVNE and Pablo de Simon of Valserrano.

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WINE WORK & PASSION EPISODE 2 – Morgan Bailey – Quintessa Winery

In this special episode, we’ll talk to Morgan Bailey, Hospitality Director at Quintessa Winery, about the surge in available wine jobs as wineries reopen and the busy season approaches. Morgan will share her experience and expertise and offer advice on how you can find and secure a job right now in wine hospitality.

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“Why do bartenders and mixologists adore sherry? Because the category gives us so much creative freedom,” says Chantal Tseng, founder of Custom Cocktails for the End Times. “With Sherry’s complex aromatic profile, over 300 volatile aromatic compounds at any given sniff, one could just as easily add brilliant, savoury nuance to a stirred aperitif as incorporate rich chocolatey structure to a seven ingredient tropical rum combination. Sherry is simply the perfect host when mixing.”

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How the Pandemic Has Disrupted the Sommelier Community

What is a sommelier exactly? How has the pandemic disrupted the “Sommunity” and how will it recover? Hooper was the Wine Director for Faith and Flower in Los Angeles but lost his job because of the pandemic. He’s now writing for Wine & Spirits magazine, and this is his Op-Ed on how the pandemic is shaking up the somms’ restaurant world.

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WINE WORK & PASSION EPISODE 1 – The Launch – Wine, Work & Passion

In this inaugural episode, you’ll meet Christian Oggenfuss, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Napa Valley Wine Academy. He’ll inspire you with his amazing journey on his way to becoming the CEO of America’s Premier Wine School, and I’ll share my story as well. We’ll also offer expert advice on how you can enter our exciting industry.

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Episode 22 – Hugh Johnson – The Story of a Wine Giant

In this episode, we catch up with wine legend, Hugh Johnson. Hugh has been one of the wine world’s most read and influential authors over a 60-year career. He has inspired so many to pursue further wine education and helped transform how we think about wine writing. His story is complex, thrilling, and inspiring much like many of the finest wines of the world.

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Warfare to Winemaker_Menu

Warfare to Winemaking

Alma Rosa winemaker Samra Morris is possibly the only Bosnian winemaker in the US. She survived growing up in a war zone to pursue her lifelong goal of making wine.

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Wine in Outer Space

Twelve bottles of Bordeaux wine and 320 vine plants were shot into space as part of a grand study to see how microgravity can affect the aging process of wine. This is what happened.

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Wine Industry Career Series: Instagram for Income

Wine Industry Career Series: Instagram for Income

Is Instagram the holy grail for wine entrepreneurs? That depends on how you define Instagram-based success. Is it the number of followers you have, how many likes, shares, or reposts you get? Does that translate to ‘money in the bank’?

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Ep3 Ian Harris The Stories Behind WIne mp3 image

Episode 19 – The Story of Franciacorta

In this episode, Christian Oggenfuss sits down with Giammario Villa an Italian native, Master Taster, sommelier, author, and ambassador for the Consorzio Franciacorta. We discuss Gammario’s journey and explore the origins of Italy’s premier sparkling wine region. This is their story.

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Wine Industry Career Series: Resume Makeover

Is your resume in desperate need of a makeover? Is the word “wine” even mentioned? Does it tell a prospective employer what you bring to the table, or does it read more like a laundry list of your life’s work? We’re here to help get your resume in shape for that wine industry job of your dreams.

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Franciacorta Satèn DOCG

Tiny bubbles, low bottle pressure, elegance and a silky texture are the hallmarks of this totally unique style of Classic Method sparkling wine from Lombardia, Italy’s finest sparkling wine region. Franciacorta Ambassador Giammario Villa takes us on our Satèn tasting journey.

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Piemonte Wine & Truffles

Piemonte Wine and Truffles

Michelin-dining opportunities galore, the thought of agnolotti by the forkfuls, hazelnuts, chocolate, loads of Nutella, and of course—black truffles and the storied tartufo bianco d’Alba (white truffles). That’s what you can expect if you visit Piedmont, Italy during the heights of truffle season—and generous pours of Barolo!

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