partnership series / by Jennifer Curry 

Rarecat-corporate luncheon

Setting up for a RARECAT corporate luncheon.

“We are harvesting Grenache and Viognier again this Monday!” exclaims Sharon Kazan Harris of RARECAT Wines, a boutique fine wine producer making wines in Napa, Champagne, and Bordeaux.

For many wine professionals and enthusiasts, harvest work is the perfect combination of physical labor, mental stimulation, and therapeutic tangible work; a blending of the beauty of art and science. Whether working in the wine business already or traveling cross country to pursue a soul fulfilling dream, conventional opportunities abound for wine enthusiasts looking for their shoe-in to the wine industry.

Although, what if there was an unconventional way to work in wine? A radically different approach that allows wine enthusiasts to be connected to a fine wine producer in Napa?

RARECAT Professional, the brainchild of Kazan Harris is a consulting business using wine as a business tool. It’s more than just a beautiful libation that we quaff and relish. We are using it to connect us to the people we want to know; helping corporations in finance, tech, law, and real estate to meet their goals by using wine as a tool to connect with their shareholders, clients, and partners.

Rarecat Dinner

RARECAT Team dinner in May.

So, how are we providing a radical new way to work in wine?

Our RARECAT Ambassador program, which launched in February of this year, has a very specific focus for business executives and professionals who are transitioning from lifelong careers to pursue their dream of working in wine–and who can grasp the value of using wine as a business tool.

They are bringing RARECAT Pro to their past colleagues and leveraging its value and success. RARECAT Pro has worked with thousands of executives and top corporations across the US. Our programs have been used by our clients to connect with their customers and build teams.


Here are what a few of our RARECAT Pro Ambassadors have to say:

“RARECAT Professional’s approach to leveraging wine as a business tool immediately resonated with me, being both innovative and relevant to how business is conducted across a variety of industries today. Not only does the concept appeal to me intellectually, but it also aligns well to my professional background, which has enabled my involvement in this exceptional program. How clients and Ambassadors benefit!”

— Britt Mendoza, RARECAT Ambassador, Washington D.C.

“I am thrilled to partner with RARECAT Wines in offering the RARECAT Professional programs to the business world. As a former corporate attorney and executive, RARECAT Professional is a wonderful opportunity to combine my business background with my wine education and passion for fine wines.”

— Carol Wolniakowski, RARECAT Ambassador, Chicago

“Rarecat Professional allows me to partner with world-class companies to create unique experiences that resonate with team members and their customers. I am able to bring my passion for great wine to others, and encourage companies to develop lasting programs that make a difference to their corporate culture and success.”

— Emily Cotton, RARECAT Ambassador, New Jersey

RARECAT Pro Ambassadors are excited about this radical new approach to working in wine! They are able to be involved in the wine industry, living in different parts of the U.S., and all are leveraging their expertise to make a difference for corporations all over the country.  The future is bright for RARECAT Pro.

Are you interested in learning more about becoming a RARECAT Pro Ambassador? Email Jennifer Curry @


Jennifer Curry, WSET, grew up in New England and works full time at RARECAT Wines, splitting her time between North Carolina and California. She oversees the RARECAT Wines Ambassador Program and loves learning about the wine business and technical side of winemaking, having made her first Provence style Rose during the 2015 harvest internship. Curry has traveled around the world and loves to blog about her travel, food, and wine adventures.