WMD, C.S.W., WSET-Certified, Partner

Jürg (pronounced “Yurg”) Oggenfuss was born early enough to remember fondly the European summers of 1945 and 1947, and the wines these vintages produced—oh yes, also 1948, but let’s not talk about that vintage…

After successfully passing his business education in Switzerland, he attended the world-famous Wädenswil School of Oenology (Wädenswil is world-renowned for its study of TCA (“cork” taint) in 1981, and Wädenswil clones of Pinot Noir were among the first to be introduced in Northern California and Oregon) and graduated with the “gold” Wine Merchant Diploma.

He successfully ran his family business and expanded into wine education and wine tours throughout viniferous Europe. In 2007 he followed his grandchildren to Napa where he was immediately hired at Joseph Phelps Vineyards to serve as distinguished Wine Educator and Education Coordinator for VIPs.

In 2007, he was chosen as Wine Educator on the Avalon Legendary Danube Wine Cruise, where he guided 140 guests on the 10-day journey from Prague to Budapest, with many exciting stops.

Jürg also holds his Advanced (Level 3) certificate with Distinction From the Wine and Spirits Trust (WSET) in London, England. Jürg is a passionate educator who is fluent in Schwiizerdütsch (Swiss-German), German, French, Italian, Spanish and English.