D.W.S., WSET-Certified, Instructor

Gence Alton DWS

Born and raised in the Old World and severely bit by the wine bug, Gence is a well-traveled, established wine professional, educator and writer with a WSET Diploma in Wine & Spirits he earned in 2006 with Distinction, a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, a Master of Science in Food & Beverage Management and is a Master of Wine candidate.

He has over a decade of experience in the fine wine business. As a retail buyer his expertise in international procurement earned him a reputation as a deeply knowledgeable and savvy sourcing authority. Over the years he has consulted for wine businesses and private cellars, managed live and internet auctions, tasted, appraised and acquired large quantities of collectible wine.

A relentless negotiator and a passionate hedonist by nature, Gence has unusually broad appreciation of all wine regions of the world, with an unbiased, independent palate favoring finesse and complexity over intensity and homogeneity. Currently he works for, the premier Internet auction of fine and rare wines.