10 Proven Wine Study Hacks

Whether you are studying for WSET, CSW or a specialized regional wine certification, these 10 study hacks are sure to help! Watch here and never worry about if you are spending your study time wisely.




The sheer amount of information and detail regarding wine is enough to send even the most advanced student into a panic. You spend hour upon hour reading the material and looking over maps. You make flashcards and go through them at all times of the day. You might be a little nervous going into the exam, but you feel there is nothing more you could have done to prepare. Then you open your exam and wonder what happened to all of those hours you spent studying. You start to sweat and your mouth goes dry. At go-time, you can’t remember the difference between Spanish aging terminology or the German Prädikat levels. Don’t fret, Napa Valley Wine Academy is here to share ten sure-fire ways to study smarter, not harder to help you pass your exams.

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